Mark Rosman


Rosman is the son of a Beverly Hills dermatologist.[1] He has a brother, a lawyer, and a sister.[2] After graduating from Beverly Hills High School, Rosman went to UCLA but left after two years when he wasn't accepted into the film program there.[2] Rosman was accepted into New York University's film program, where he graduated During his senior year at NYU, he worked as a voluntary assistant director on Brian De Palma's Home Movies.[3] Rosman launched his career with The House on Sorority Row.[1] In 1985, Rosman had just finished the Disney Channel movie The Blue Yonder and was set to work on Spot Marks the X when the Writers Guild went on strike.[4] In 1992, he wrote the script for the triller Evolver and directed The Force.[4] In 1996, Rosman directed The Invader.[4] In 1998, Rosman cowrote the script for and directed The Wonderful World of Disney film Life-Size, which led to directing the television movie Model Behavior.[5] Rosman then went to work on a number of television shows, but all of them were eventually canceled and his next role was directing 2004's A Cinderella Story.[4] He followed that with The Perfect Man.

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