Eric Brevig


Academy Award winner Eric Brevig is a cinematic visionary whose groundbreaking work has delighted audiences for years. He makes his directorial debut in the 2008 Warner Bros. feature Journey to the Center of the Earth, the first live-action narrative motion picture to be photographed in stereoscopic HD for digital 3D theatrical release. Using never-before-seen 3D technology and dazzling visual effects, he immerses the audience in the movie’s fantastic environments,and takes them on the nonstop thrill ride alongside the characters in the film. Before Journey to the Center of the Earth he was second unit director and visual effects supervisor on more than 25 films including Men in Black, Pearl Harbor and The Day After Tomorrow. An expert in 3D filmmaking, he has overseen the photography and visual effects for Magic Journeys, Captain Eo and Honey I Shrunk the Audience for the Disney theme parks, and supervised the pre-production testing for Jim Cameron’s 3D feature Avatar. He received a special achievement in visual effects Academy Award for his ground-breaking work on Total Recall and has subsequently received nominations for two more Oscars and a BAFTA.

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