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Scott Derrickson is a screenwriter, producer, and director. He has written and directed the film "The Exorcism Of Emily Rose", which was based on a true story about Anneliese Michel, a college freshman who was at one point recognized by the Roman Catholic Church for her demonic possession.[citation needed] He is currently working with Legendary Pictures to direct a big screen adaptation of John Milton's Paradise Lost from a script by Stuart Hazeldine. He is also currently writing and directing the adaptation of "Devil's Knot" by Mara Leveritt for Dimension Films. Derrickson graduated from Biola University La Mirada, CA with a degree in humanities, a degree in communications, and a degree in theological studies. He earned his masters in film production from USC Film School.[1] Derrickson got his first break into the film industry directing the fifth installment of the Hellraiser series, Hellraiser: Inferno (2000) and writing the screenplay for Urban Legends: Final Cut (2000).

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