Bloodmoon (1997)


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Bloodmoon is a 1997 American horror film directed by Louis Morneau and starring Michael Pare, Natasha Henstridge, and John Rhys-Davies. The film tells the story of a group of scientists who travel to an isolated island in the Arctic Circle to study a rare blood moon. However, they soon find themselves in danger when they encounter a group of bloodthirsty werewolves. The film begins with a group of scientists traveling to an isolated island in the Arctic Circle to study a rare blood moon. The scientists are led by Dr. Paul Kelton (Michael Pare), a zoologist who is convinced that the blood moon is responsible for the recent increase in werewolf attacks. The scientists set up camp on the island and begin their research. However, they soon find themselves in danger when they encounter a group of bloodthirsty werewolves. The werewolves attack the scientists, killing several of them. Dr. Kelton and the remaining scientists are forced to flee the island. The scientists eventually make it back to civilization, but they are still in danger. The werewolves have followed them and are now hunting them down. Dr. Kelton and the remaining scientists must find a way to stop the werewolves before they are all killed. Bloodmoon is a well-made horror film with plenty of suspense and action. The film's special effects are impressive, and the acting is solid. The film is definitely worth watching for fans of horror movies.

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Gary Daniels

Det. Ken O'Hara
Person Photo

Chuck Jeffreys

Det. Chuck Baker
Person Photo

Frank Gorshin

Chief William Hutchins
Person Photo

Darren Shahlavi

The Killer
Person Photo

Nina Repeta

Megan O'Hara
Person Photo

Leigh Jones

Lauren O'Hara
Person Photo

Jeffrey Pillars

Justice (as Jeff Pillars)
Person Photo

Brandie Rocci

Kelly Welling
Person Photo

Keith Vitali

Terry's friend
Person Photo

Joe Hess

Terry (as Joseph C. Hess)
Person Photo

Joe Bonacci

Officer #1
Person Photo

Rob Van Dam

Dutch Schultz
Person Photo

Jen Sung

Drug dealer (as Jen Sung Outerbridge)
Person Photo

Michael Depasquale Jr.

George Atkins
Person Photo

Ken Kensei

Master Takaido Welling
Person Photo

Rebecca Rogers

Officer Donna
Person Photo

Hakim Alston

Eddie Cunningham
Person Photo

Ruth Reid

Medical Examiner
Person Photo

Hank Troscianiec

Crime scene cop #1
Person Photo

Athena Maria Bitzis

Person Photo

Renne Russo

Terry's girl
Person Photo

Bill Neely

Crime scene cop #2
Person Photo

Pierre Brulatour

Officer at station
Person Photo

Tara Thompson

Person Photo

Jennifer Lynn Miller

Reporter #1
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Vincent Schilling

Reporter #2
Person Photo

Regan Forman

Drug girl
Person Photo

Dawn Milstead

Exotic dancer #1
Person Photo

Tammy Perkins

Exotic dancer #2
Person Photo

Naomi Rickey

Exotic dancer #3
Person Photo

Joe Lewis

Fighter #1
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Shawn P. Flanagan

Fighter #2
Person Photo

Mike Genova

Fighter #3
Person Photo

John Maynard

Fighter #4
Person Photo

Jeff Gripper

Fighter #5
Person Photo

Rob Buckland

Fighter #6
Person Photo

Kennedy Morrison

Fighter #7
Person Photo

Brent Triplett

Fighter #8
Person Photo

Will Morris

Fighter #9
Person Photo

Don Crenshaw

Fighter #10
Person Photo

Keith Chatham

Fighter #11
Person Photo

Ron Succarotte

Strip-bar fighter (as Ronangelo Succarotte)
Person Photo

Aaron Fiore

Man on street (uncredited)
Person Photo

Tom Huff

Cornerman (uncredited)
Person Photo

Matt Mosher

Carnival patron (uncredited)
Person Photo

J Schaefer

Bar fighter (uncredited)
Person Photo

Siu-Hung Leung

Person Photo

Keith W. Strandberg

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