Spiritual Boxer II (1979)

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Mao Shan Jiang Shi Quan (1977) is a Shaw Brothers kung fu comedy film directed by Chang Cheh and starring David Chiang, Ti Lung, and Chen Kuan-tai. The film is about a group of martial artists who must defend their village from a horde of zombies. The film begins with a group of martial artists from the Mao Shan school arriving at a village that has been attacked by zombies. The martial artists are led by Master Mao (David Chiang), who is a master of the art of Jiang Shi Quan. The martial artists are able to defeat the zombies and save the village. However, the zombies are not the only threat to the village. A group of bandits led by the ruthless General Yin (Ti Lung) are also planning to attack the village. The bandits are defeated by the martial artists, but General Yin escapes. General Yin returns to his base and plots his revenge. He creates an army of zombies and sends them to attack the village. The martial artists are once again forced to defend the village from the zombies. The martial artists are able to defeat the zombies and General Yin, but the village is destroyed in the battle. The martial artists decide to leave the village and find a new home. Mao Shan Jiang Shi Quan is a classic Shaw Brothers kung fu film. The film is full of action, suspense, and humor. The film is also a great example of the Jiang Shi genre of kung fu films.

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Yue Wong

Fan Chun Yuen
Person Photo

Cecilia Wong

Ah-Fei (as Huang Hsing-hsiu)
Person Photo

Chia-Hui Liu

Chang Chieh
Person Photo

Chia Yung Liu

Sifu Chen Wu
Person Photo

Hsi Chang

Undertaker Chang
Person Photo

John Cheung

(as Wu-liang Chang)
Person Photo

Han Chiang

Tavern boss
Person Photo

Norman Chu

Boss Hsu
Person Photo

Ming Fung

Mr. Kuo
Person Photo

Chih Wei Ho

Person Photo

Hou Hsiao

Chou's man
Person Photo

Pa-Ching Huang

Assistant undertaker
Person Photo

Hoi Sang Lee

Chau Tin-tai (as Hai-sheng Li)
Person Photo

Ying Tan

Family mourner
Person Photo

Wilson Tong

Boss Cheng (as Wei-cheng Tang)
Person Photo

Chieh-Chiang Wu

(as Chieh Chiang Wu)
Person Photo

Kuang Ni

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The Shadow Boxing



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