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Grown Ups (2010)


Comedy · 1h 42m · 6/25/2010

Back Then They Were Too Young To Know Better. Now They Have No Excuse.


Just because you grow older doesn't mean you have to grow up! Comedy superstars Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade and Rob Schneider are at their hilarious and outrageous best playing childhood friends who reunite one holiday weekend to relive the good old days. It doesn't matter that these five guys are now respectable businessmen, husbands and fathers. Once they get back together, nothing is going to stop these kids-at-heart from having the time of their adult lives in this hilarious and heartwarming film that proves men will be boys from the people who brought you Paul Blart: Mall Cop and Click, comes this hilarious and heartwarming film that proves men will be boys.




English, Language_Español


United States

Production Companies

Columbia Pictures, Relativity Media, Happy Madison Productions





Where to Watch

Part of Collection

Grown Ups


Adam Sandler

Lenny Feder

Kevin James

Eric Lamonsoff

Chris Rock

Kurt McKenzie

David Spade

Marcus Higgins

Rob Schneider

Rob Hilliard

Salma Hayek

Roxanne Chase-Feder (as Salma Hayek Pinault)

Maria Bello

Sally Lamonsoff

Maya Rudolph

Deanne McKenzie

Joyce Van Patten


Ebony Jo-Ann

Mama Ronzoni

Di Quon


Steve Buscemi


Colin Quinn

Dickie Bailey

Tim Meadows


Madison Riley

Jasmine Hilliard

Jamie Chung

Amber Hilliard

Ashley Loren

Bridget Hilliard

Jake Goldberg

Greg Feder

Cameron Boyce

Keithie Feder

Alexys Nycole Sanchez

Becky Feder

Ada-Nicole Sanger

Donna Lamonsoff

Frank Gingerich

Bean Lamonsoff

Morgan Gingerich

Bean Lamonsoff

Nadji Jeter

Andre McKenzie

China Anne McClain

Charlotte McKenzie

Dan Patrick

Norby the Ride Guy

Tim Herlihy


Blake Clark

Bobby 'Buzzer' Ferdinando

Norm MacDonald


Jonathan Loughran


Kevin Grady


Richie Minervini


Jackie Sandler

Tardio's Wife

Sadie Sandler

Tardio's Daughter

Sunny Sandler

Tardio's Daughter

Dennis Dugan


Lisa M. Francis

Bailey's Wife

Berkeley Holman

Bailey's Son

Michael Cavaleri

Young Lenny Feder

Andrew Bayard

Young Eric Lamonsoff

Jameel McGill

Young Kurt McKenzie

Kyle Brooks

Young Marcus Higgins

Joshua Matz

Young Rob Hilliard

J.D. Donaruma

Higgins' Father

Billy Concha

Scoreboard Guy

Alec Musser

Water Park Stud

Henriette Mantel


Hunter Silva

Young Bailey

Christopher Borger

Young Malcolm

Connor Panzner

Young Robideaux

Jeremy Weaver

Young Muzby

Daniel Cohen

Young Tardio

Jonathan Crowley

Milk Kid

Seth Morgan Romero

Kid (as Seth Romero)

Charlie Alejandro

BBQ Guest (uncredited)

Cindi Alex

Mourner (uncredited)

Lilith Astaroth

Basketball Game Spectator (uncredited)


Basketball Game Fan (uncredited)

Katelyn Cahill

Restaurant Patron (uncredited)

Erin Danger Campbell

Irate Mom (uncredited)

Ian Mitchell Cardoni

Water Park Guest (uncredited)

Desiree April Connolly

One of Bailey's Friends' Wives (uncredited)

A.J. Coppola

Mourner (uncredited)

Diane Curran

4th of July Cookout Guest (uncredited)

Christopher J. Davis

4th of July Cookout Guest (uncredited)

Jennifer Engle

4th of July partier (uncredited)

Susan Farese

Funeral Mourner (uncredited)

Jack Flaherty


Rebecca H. Fox

Extra (uncredited)

Sari Gagnon

Funeral Couple (uncredited)

Albert Gornie

Mourner (uncredited)

Elle Hartman

Mom with Beehive Hairdo (uncredited)

Jack Hartman

Basketball Player #11 (uncredited)

Zoe Hartman

Girl at Game (uncredited)

Cheryl Hawe

Mom at Basketball Game (uncredited)

Mackenzie Hawe

Basketball Fan (uncredited)

Matt Heron-Duranti

Funeral Couple (uncredited)

Frankie Imbergamo

Banquet Guest (uncredited)

Lara Jay

4th of July Cookout Guest (uncredited)


BBQ Guest (uncredited)

Georgina Keajra

Woman at Pool (uncredited)

Daniel Lowney

Baily's Crew (uncredited)

Jennifer Lyons

Basketball fan (uncredited)

Dan Marshall

Mourner at Coach's Funeral (uncredited)

Jeff Martineau

Funeral Mourner (uncredited)

Lisa Norkus

BBQ Guest / Basketball Game Fan / Water Wizz Patron (uncredited)

Gaul Porat

Middle School Student (uncredited)

David Pulson

Townie (uncredited)

Grace Rennick

Basketball Fan (uncredited)

Megan Sacco

Basket Ball Mom (uncredited)

Joel Sadler

4th of July Cookout Guest (uncredited)

Jon Robert Stafford

Basketball spectator (uncredited)

David L. Tamarin

Basketball Fan (uncredited)

Michael R. West

Water Wizz Employee (uncredited)

Adam Sandler


Dennis Dugan


Fred Wolf

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