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Behind the Candelabra (2013)

Romance/Drama · 1h 58m

"Too much of a good thing is wonderful"


Outrageous entertainer and flamboyant pianist whose stage and television career spanned 40 years, Liberace (Acadey Award winner Michael Douglas) lived lavishly and embraced a lifestyle of exess. In the summer of 1997 handsome young Scott Thorson (Academy Award winner Matt Damon) walked into his dressing room and. despite their age difference and seemingly different worlds, the two embark on a secretive five-year love affair. Behind the Candelabra captures the essense of Liberace's appeal while taking a behind-the-scenes look at their tempestuous relationship. The film also features an all-star supporting cast that includes Emmy and Academy Award nominee Dan Aykroyd, Golden Globe winner and Emmy nominee Scott Bakula, Golden Globe nominee Rob Lowe, and Academy Award, Golden Globe and Emmy nominee Debbie Reynolds.






United States

Production Companies

HBO Films, Jerry Weintraub Productions





Where to Watch


Matt Damon

Scott Thorson

Scott Bakula

Bob Black

Eric Zuckerman


Eddie Jemison

Assistant Director

Randy Lowell


Tom Roach

Stunt Actor

Shamus Cooley

Camera Assistant

John Smutny

Sound Mixer

Jane Morris

Rose Carracappa

Garrett M. Brown

Joe Carracappa

Michael Douglas


Pat Asanti

George Liberace

Debbie Reynolds

Frances Liberace

Casey Kramer

Dora Liberace

Cheyenne Jackson

Billy Leatherwood

Tom Papa

Ray Arnett

Dan Aykroyd

Seymour Heller

James Kulick

Assistant Stage Manager

Bruce Ramsay


Paul Witten

Make-Up Artist

Deborah Lacey


Rob Lowe

Dr. Jack Startz

David Koechner

Adoption Attorney

Susan Todd


Nicky Katt

Mr. Y

Austin Stowell

Backstage Flirt

Francisco San Martin

Backstage Flirt

Boyd Holbrook

Cary James

Anthony Crivello


Mike O'Malley

Tracy Schnelker

Kiff VandenHeuvel

Scott's Half Brother, Wayne (as Kiff Vanden Heuvel)

Nikea Gamby-Turner


Charlotte Crossley


Josh Meyers

Liberace's Attorney

Harvey J. Alperin

Joel Strote (as Harvey Jacob Alperin)

Paul Reiser

Scott's Attorney

Jerry Clarke

Dr. Ronald Daniels

Lisa Frantz


Shaun T. Benjamin

Health Department Spokesman (as Shaunt Benjamin)

John Philip Kavcak

Priest at Funeral

Kelly Allen

Young American Dancer (uncredited)

Gregg Atwill

Funeral Mourner (uncredited)

Natacha Bachour

Showgirl (uncredited)

Greg Baine

Patron (uncredited)

Cassandra M. Bellantoni

Hospital Visitor (uncredited)

Paul Borst

Party Guest (uncredited)

Lita S. Bowman

Mourner (uncredited)

Barbara Brownell

Angie Liberace (uncredited)

Johnny Carson

Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)

Patty Chong

Concert Patron (uncredited)

Lee Christian

Sex Club Patron (uncredited)

Nathan Collins

Print Reporter (uncredited)

Kass Connors

Kazarian (uncredited)

Russ Cugno

Mourner (uncredited)

Pat Destro


Jacquelyn Dowsett

Showgirl (uncredited)

Timothy Skyler Dunigan

Concert Fan / Driver (uncredited)

Fielding Edlow

Deposition Reporter (uncredited)

Corey Eid

French Guy #2 (uncredited)

Krystal Ellsworth

Impossible Dream Dancer (uncredited)

Kelli Erdmann

Young American Dancer (uncredited)

Derek Ferguson

Young American (uncredited)

Joe Filippone

Adult Bookstore Patron (uncredited)

Jack Fitz

Midwestern Husband (uncredited)

Gladis Giada

Boogie Woogie Concert Fan (uncredited)

Aussie Guevara

Sex Club Worker (uncredited)

Brandon Henschel

Dancer (uncredited)

Doug Hunter

Print Reporter (uncredited)

Lenny Jacobson

Stage Manager (uncredited)

Richard Allan Jones

Mourner (uncredited)

Adam J. Kassel

Valet (uncredited)

Dominique Kelley

Impossible Dream Dancer (uncredited)

David Dustin Kenyon

Cameraman (uncredited)

Peggy King

Herself (archive footage) (uncredited)

Kirk Krogstad

Theatre Stage Hand (uncredited)

Kristin Lindquist

Billy (uncredited)

Rachael Markarian

Showgirl (uncredited)

Hugo Martin

Club Patron (uncredited)

Paul McDade

Sex Club Worker (uncredited)

Kc Monnie

Young American Dancer (uncredited)

Max Napolitano

Bar Patron (uncredited)

Cassidy Noblett

Show Boy (uncredited)

Ryan Novak

Dancer (uncredited)

Lance Patrick

Sex Couple #1 (uncredited)

Ferly Prado

Dancer (uncredited)

Mike Jerome Putnam

On-Air News Reporter (uncredited)

Thure Riefenstein

Maitre d' (uncredited)

Joan Riegert

Concert Fan (uncredited)

Ryan Roth II

Stagehand (uncredited)

Stephanie Maura Sanchez

Second Anchorwoman (uncredited)

Jimmy Scanlon

News Reporter (uncredited)

Roby Schinasi

French Guy #1 (uncredited)

Nellie Sciutto

Reporter (uncredited)

Franklin J. Sterns

Bookstore Patron (uncredited)

Caroline Jaden Stussi

Startz Surgeon (uncredited)

Becca Sweitzer

Showgirl (uncredited)

Trace Taylor

Stagehand (uncredited)

Anna Wendt

Stagehand (uncredited)

Eric Womack

Bartender (uncredited)

Ryken Zane

Print Reporter (uncredited)

Steven Soderbergh


Richard LaGravenese


Scott Thorson


Alex Thorleifson

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