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Invasion (1997)



Luke Perry (Beau) and Rebecca Gayheart (Cassy) star in Robin Cook's story as two college friends who find themselves in a rush against time to save the world. After discovery an odd black rock in a parking lot, Beau developes flu-like symptoms which results in him feeling like he has never felt before..euphoric. Soon Cassy and Beau find that this strange virus is spreading at an alarming rate and not only does it make people hungry to experience the world but it is mutating them into an alien species! Their only hope is to reach a secret government germ warfare base that holds an antidote before the world is overun by extraterrestrials and the portal to another world is opened.

Where to Watch


Luke Perry

Beau Stark

Kim Cattrall

Dr. Sheila Moran

Rebecca Gayheart

Cassy Winslow

Christopher Orr

Pitt Henderson

Jon Polito

Det. Kemper

Jason Schombing

Assistant Detective

Neal McDonough

Randy North

Rosanna DeSoto

Nancy Ochoa (as Rosana DeSoto)

Castulo Guerra

Eugene Ochoa

Louis Crugnali

John Ochoa

María Celedonio


Stephen Joyce

Dr. Philip Hayden

Michael Warren

Dr. Harlan McCoy

Chuck McCann

Head of the Center For Disease Control

Ginny Harman


Denice Duff


Ken Kolb


Mark DeMichele


Brian Brophy

Medical Examiner

Bill Rose

Dr. Walter Kirkland

H. Richard Greene

Sgt. Kinsella

Sam Smiley


Dan Danielson

Ed Partridge

Michael Emanuel

Security Chief

Adelina Sinohui

Janet, North's Secretary

David Akin


Sanford Gibbons

Police Captain

John Mack

Sgt. Hoover

Larry Jones


Terry James

Father Nightmare

Ken Clark


Dawn M. Davis

Mother of Little Girl

George Dobbs

Cop #1

Alfred Cerullo

CNN Reporter

Michael Wayne

Little Boy

Tori Bridges


Joseph Neibich

Beau's Assistant

William Bolander

Orderly (uncredited)

Byron Browne

Alien Centurian Guard (uncredited)

John Finn

Airbase Colonel Brown (uncredited)

Bradley C. Golden

Patient (uncredited)

Larry 'Tank' Jones

EMT (uncredited)

Laurie Beth Little

Sally (uncredited)

Armand Mastroianni

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