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How the West Was Won (1962)


Western · 2h 44m · 2/20/1963

24 Great Stars In The Mightiest Adventure Ever Filmed!


With courage, sinew and conflict: that's how the West was won. With three directors, five interlocked stories, some of the most legendary action scenes in movie history and a constellation of acting talent: that's how 'How the West was Won' was filmed. Henry Fonda, Gregory Peck, Debbie Reynolds, James Stewart and John Wayne are among the big names in this big-event saga following a dauntless family's move West through generations - underscored by the spectacles of a heart-pounding raging river ride, a thunderous buffalo stampede and a bracing runaway train shootout. The winner of three Academy Awards®*, 'How the West was Won' was also a box-office winner. * 1963 Best Story and Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen (James R. Webb), Film Editing and Sound.






United States

Production Companies

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), Cinerama Productions Corp.





Where to Watch


Brigid Bazlen

Dora Hawkins

Richard Widmark

Mike King

John Wayne

Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman

Gil Perkins

Henchman (uncredited)

Ben Black Elk Sr.

Arapaho Chief (uncredited)

Karl Malden

Zebulon Prescott

Carolyn Jones

Julie Rawlings

Henry Fonda

Jethro Stuart

Lee J. Cobb

Marshal Lou Ramsey

Jay C. Flippen

Huggins (uncredited)

Stanley Livingston

Prescott Rawlings (uncredited)

Herbert Maneval

Schoolboy (uncredited)

J. Edward McKinley

Auctioneer (uncredited)

Carroll Baker

Eve Prescott

Bill Borzage

Barfly (uncredited)

John Damler

Lawyer (uncredited)

Ken Curtis

Cpl. Ben (uncredited)

Kim Charney

Sam Prescott (uncredited)

Polly Burson

Stock Player (uncredited)

Walter Burke

Wagon Poker Player (uncredited)

Paul Bryar

Auctioneer's Assistant (uncredited)

Harvey Parry

Henchman (uncredited)

John Breen

Waiter (uncredited)

Sol Gorss

River Pirate (uncredited)

Willis Bouchey

Surgeon (uncredited)

John Larch

Grimes (uncredited)

James Griffith

Poker Player with Cleve (uncredited)

Tudor Owen

Parson Alec Harvey (uncredited)

Cliff Osmond

Bartender (uncredited)

Robert Nash

Lawyer (uncredited)

Boyd 'Red' Morgan

River Pirate (uncredited)

Bob Morgan

Member of Train Robbery Gang (uncredited)

Harry Monty

River Pirate (uncredited)

Jim Michael

Barfly (uncredited)

Phil Schumacher

Bartender (uncredited)

Craig Duncan

James Marshall (uncredited)

Gene Roth

Riverboat Poker Player (uncredited)

Danny Sands

Trapeze Man (uncredited)

Jeffrey Sayre

Auction Spectator (uncredited)

Joe Sawyer

Riverboat Officer (uncredited)

Walter Kightly

Cavalryman (uncredited)

Claude Johnson

Jeremiah Rawlings (uncredited)

Roy Jenson

Henchman (uncredited)

Jerry Holmes

Railroad Clerk (uncredited)

William Henry

Staff Officer (uncredited)

Barry Harvey

Angus Harvey (uncredited)

Tom Greenway


Beulah Archuletta

Arapaho Woman (uncredited)

Charlie Briggs

Flying Arrow Barker (uncredited)

Robert Banas

Dance Hall Dancer (uncredited)

George Peppard

Zeb Rawlings

Agnes Moorehead

Rebecca Prescott

Carleton Young

Poker Player with Cleve (uncredited)

Harry Wilson

Cattleman at Barricade (uncredited)

William Wellman Jr.

Officer #2 (uncredited)

Lee Van Cleef

River Pirate (uncredited)

Jack Tornek

Barfly (uncredited)

Ken Terrell

River Pirate (uncredited)

Karl Swenson

Train Conductor (uncredited)

Gregory Peck

Cleve Van Valen

Robert Preston

Roger Morgan

Forrest Draper

Bit Role (uncredited)

Jack Lambert

Gant Henchman (uncredited)

Harry Dean Stanton

Gant Henchman (uncredited)

Bryan Russell

Zeke Prescott (uncredited)

Jamie Ross

Bruce Harvey (uncredited)

Victor Romito

Henchman (uncredited)

Chuck Roberson

Officer (uncredited)

Walter Reed

River Pirate (uncredited)

Buddy Red Bow

Arapaho Man (uncredited)

Paul Power

Auction Spectator (uncredited)

Red Perkins

Union Soldier (uncredited)

Clinton Sundberg

Hylan Seabury (uncredited)

Willie Bloom

Barfly (uncredited)

Debbie Reynolds

Lilith Prescott

Eli Wallach

Charlie Gant

Kem Dibbs

Blacksmith (uncredited)

Mark Allen

Colin Harvey (uncredited)

Rodolfo Acosta

Gant Gang Member (uncredited)

Spencer Tracy

Narrated by (voice)

Russ Tamblyn

Confederate deserter

Mickey Shaughnessy

Deputy Stover

Thelma Ritter

Agatha Clegg

Christopher Dark

Poker Player with Cleve (uncredited)

Raymond Massey

Abraham Lincoln

James Stewart

Linus Rawlings

Jack Pennick

Cpl. Murphy (uncredited)

Harry Morgan

Gen. Ulysses S. Grant (as Henry {Harry} Morgan)

Andy Devine

Cpl. Peterson

David Brian

Lilith's Attorney

Walter Brennan

Col. Jeb Hawkins

Richard Thorpe


George Marshall


Henry Hathaway


John Ford


James R. Webb


John Gay

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