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Thirteen Days (2000)


Drama/Suspense/Thriller · 2h 25m · 1/12/2001

You'll Never Believe How Close We Came


These are the thirteen days that shook the world and put the United States and the USSR on the brink of a nuclear apocalypse. This gripping thriller takes you inside the White House to the seats of power, bringing to life how the Kennedy administration dealt with the 1962 Cuban missile crisis. Goaded by his top military advisers to strike an attack on the Soviet missiles placed in Cuba, President John Kennedy knew such airstrikes would begin the end of the world as we know it. Only one year later, JFK would be assassinated, but his level-headed tactics during this time saved the world from the unthinkable. Produced by and starring Kevin Costner and directed by Australia's Roger Donaldson (Cocktail, No Way Out), Thirteen Days delivers "some extraordinary history, a great deal of tension, detail and politics. But above all it is a great cinematic thriller given momentum because it all happened" - Paul Le Petit




English, Language_русский язык, Language_Español


United States

Production Companies

New Line Cinema, Beacon Communications, Tig Productions





Where to Watch


Shawn Driscoll

U-2 Pilot

Kevin Costner

Kenny O'Donnell

Drake Cook

Mark O'Donnell

Lucinda Jenney

Helen O'Donnell

Caitlin Wachs

Kathy O'Donnell

Jon Foster

Kenny O'Donnell, Jr.

Matthew Dunn

Kevin O'Donnell

Kevin O'Donnell

NPIC Photo Interpreter

Janet Coleman

Evelyn Lincoln

Bruce Thomas


Stephanie Romanov

Jacqueline Kennedy

Bruce Greenwood

John F. Kennedy

Frank Wood

McGeorge Bundy

Dakin Matthews

Arthur Lundahl

Liz Sinclair

Kenny's Assistant #1

Colette O'Connell

Kenny's Assistant #2

Karen Ludwig

Operator Margaret

Audrey Rapoport

White House Operator #1

Marliese Schneider

White House Operator #2 (as Marliese K. Schneider)

Steven Culp

Robert F. Kennedy

Dylan Baker

Robert McNamara

Bill Smitrovich

Gen. Maxwell Taylor

Henry Strozier

Dean Rusk

Ed Lauter

Gen. Marshall Carter

Michael Fairman

Adlai Stevenson

Walter Adrian

Lyndon Johnson

Tim Kelleher

Ted Sorensen

James Karen

George Ball

Dan Ziskie

Gen. Walter 'Cam' Sweeney (as Daniel Ziskie)

Len Cariou

Dean Acheson

Peter White

John McCone

Kevin Conway

Gen. Curtis LeMay

Kelly Connell

Pierre Salinger

Olek Krupa

Andrei Gromyko

Elya Baskin

Anotoly Dobrinyn

Timothy Jerome


Jack McGee

Richard J. Daley

Lamar Smith


John Aylward

Orville Dryfoos

Madison Mason

Adm. George Anderson

Vivien Straus

White House Aide

Christopher Lawford

Cmdr. William B. Ecker

David O'Donnell

Lt. Bruce Wilhemy

Gene Del Bianco

Petty Officer

Benjamin Koldyke

RF-8 Pilot (as Ben Koldyke)

Daniel Vergara

OAS Secretary General José A. Mora

Ruben Moreno

Argentine Diplomat (as Reuben Moreno)

Thomas Roberts

Sonar Operator

Sean Bergin

Chief Sonarman

Alan Francis

Executive Officer of USS Pierce

Robert Munstis

Radio Room Operator #1

Michael Gaston

Captain of USS Pierce

Joseph Repoff

Radio Room Operator #2

J. Tucker Smith

Captain of USS Kennedy

Chris Henry Coffey

Officer of Destroyer

Oleg Vidov

Valerian Zorin

Radu Gavor

Romanian Delegate

Zitto Kazann

Chilean Delegate

Alex Veadov

Radio Room Operator #3

Jack Blessing

John Scali

Tom Everett

Walter Sheridan

Karl Makinen

Young FBI Agent

Boris Lee Krutonog

Alexander Fomin

Charles Esten

Maj. Rudolph Anderson

Charles Barrett

Air Force NCO

Darryl Smith

Football Coach

Allan Graf

Football Referee (as Alan Graf)

Robert Miranda

RFK's Driver

Todd Sible

RFK's Staffer

Marya Kazakova

Soviet Woman

Cliff Fleming

Aerial Coordinator

Craig Hosking


Pauli Macy


Michael R Bowman

Aide to JFK (uncredited)

Walter Cronkite

Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)

Hope Cruickshank

Kenny O'Donnell's Daughter (uncredited)

Tess Cruickshank

Kenny O'Donnell's Daughter (uncredited)

Ryder Davis

Boy Scout (uncredited)

Paul Farber

Child Greeting President (uncredited)

Sierra Farber

Child Greeting President (uncredited)

Roger Ferreira

Army Lieutenant General (uncredited)

Armen Garo

Crewman on Freighter (uncredited)

Gilley Grey

Air Force Pilot (uncredited)

Phil Hawn

UN Administrator (uncredited)

Rick Kain

Carpenter (uncredited)

John F. Kennedy

Himself (voice) (archive footage) (uncredited)

Steven Koller

White House Staff (uncredited)

Pramod Kumar

U Thant (uncredited)

Jennifer D. Lac Kamp

UN Secretary (uncredited)

John Michael

UN Manager (uncredited)

Ralph Moratz

Extra (uncredited)

Ryan Notch

Boy Scout (uncredited)

MarieKaren Pechinski

UN Administrator (uncredited)

Richard Rossi

Reporter (uncredited)

Cico Silva

Secret Service Agent (uncredited)

Larry Strauss

Treasury Secretary Douglas Dillon (uncredited)

Ron A. Williams

Man Walking in Building (uncredited)

Brad Yoder

Sorensen's Assistant (uncredited)

Roger Donaldson


David Self


Ernest R. May


Philip D. Zelikow

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