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Red Corner (1997)


Drama/Crime/Suspense/Thriller · 2h 2m · 10/31/1997

Leniency for those who confess


In modern-day China, an American is about to be punished for the ultimate crime...his innocence. Richard Gere stars in this electrifying suspense thriller charged with lethal confrontations, raw passion and international intrigue. On the verge of signing a huge business deal, attorney Jack Moore (Gere) is on top of the world. But his elation soon comes tumbling down after he spends the night with a beautiful woman...and is then accused of her brutal murder! At the mercy of the strict Chinese court system – where one is guilty until proven innocent – Jack finds himself completely alone. But when his defense attorney (Bai Ling) unearths puzzling contradictions in the case, she acts against the court and her country, joining him in a pulse-pounding race to find the true killer...while both of their lives hang in the balance!




English, Language_Deutsch


United States

Production Companies

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM, Avnet/Kerner Productions





Where to Watch


Richard Gere

Jack Moore

Yin Lei

Feng's Assistant

Paul Chen

Visitor's Room Official

Jeffrey Dong

Prison Doctor

Rui Chao Jian

Yuelin's Aide

Daxing Zhang

Procurator Ma

Yi Wang Ding

Prosecutor Ma's Assistant

Lily L. Lin

People's Housewife Assessor

Mike Wu

People's Accountant Assessor

Yang Bing

Male Court Interpreter

Hua Wahrman

Female Court Interpreter

Lo Ming

Medical Examiner

Ping Zong

Captain Feng

Ken Leung


Danny Wang

P.S.B. Escort

Kenny Ki

Guard at Hotel Door

Jack Huang

Guard at Phone Center (as Jack C. Huang)

Mei-Juin Chen

Phone Clerk

Zheng Hui Jin

Phone Center Supervisor

Kent Faulcon

Marine Guard

Pam Hayashida

Runway Model (uncredited)

Judy Ho

Girl in Village (uncredited)

Sheila Lussier

Girl in TV show (uncredited)

Hien Nguyen

Guard (uncredited)

Eiko Nijo

Model (uncredited)

Baifang Liu

Chinese T.V. Reporter

Xiao Yang Gu

Prison Guard

Wang Yao

PSB Arresting Officer

Hans Hanbo Cui

Prison Guard

Ling Bai

Shen Yuelin

Bradley Whitford

Bob Ghery

Byron Mann

Lin Dan

Peter Donat

David McAndrews

Robert Stanton

Ed Pratt

Tsai Chin

Chairman Xu

James Hong

Lin Shou

Tzi Ma

Li Cheng

Ulrich Matschoss

Gerhardt Hoffman

Richard Venture

Ambassador Reed

Jessey Meng

Hong Ling

Roger Yuan

Huan Minglu

Chi Yu Li

General Hong

Henry O

Procurator General Yang

Jia Yao Li

Director Liu

Yukun Lu

Director Liu's Associate

Robert Lin

Director Liu's Interpreter

Steve Beebe

Disco D.J.

De Zhong Wei

Beijing Opera Performer

Grace Zhan

Beijing Opera Performer

Yvonne Wang

Disco Waitress

Qiang Gao

P.S.B. Captain

Xiao-Hua Gao

P.S.B. Arresting Officer

Dean Nolen

U.S. Photographer (uncredited)

Mary Ann Schmidt

Bikini Dream Scene (uncredited)

Jon Avnet


Robert King

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