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Man on the Moon (1999)


Drama/Comedy · 1h 58m · 12/22/1999

"Hello, my name is Andy and this is my Poster"


Based on a true story, Jim Carrey stunningly portrays the late Andy Kaufman - considered the most innovative, eccentric and enigmatic comic of his time - in 'Man on the Moon'. " Jim Carrey is extraordinary," says the 'New York Post'. "Jim Carrey may be a better Andy Kaufman than Andy Kaufman" writes 'Newsweek'. Also starring Danny DeVito as Kaufman's manager, Courtney Love as the woman Andy falls in love with and Paul Giamatti as his best friend. You'll stand up and cheer for Carrey in one of the year's most entertaining movies!






Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Japan

Production Companies

Universal Pictures, Mutual Film Company, Jersey Films, Cinehaus, Shapiro/West Productions, Tele München Fernseh Produktionsgesellschaft (TMG), British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Marubeni, Toho-Towa





Where to Watch


Jim Carrey

Andy Kaufman (also as Tony Clifton)

Gerry Becker

Stanley Kaufman - Andy's Father

Greyson Erik Pendry

Little Michael Kaufman (as Greyson Pendry)

Brittany Colonna

Baby Carol Kaufman

Leslie Lyles

Janice Kaufman - Andy's Mother

Bobby Boriello

Little Andy Kaufman

George Shapiro

Mr. Besserman

Danny DeVito

George Shapiro

Budd Friedman


Tom Dreesen

Wiseass Comic

Thomas Armbruster

Improv Piano Player

Pamela Abdy

Diane Barnett

Wendy Polland

Little Wendy

Cash Oshman


Matt Price

Meditation Student

Christina Cabot

Meditation Student

Richard Belzer


Melanie Vesey

Carol Kaufman

Michael Kelly

Michael Kaufman

Miles Chapin

SNL Assistant

Isadore Rosenfeld

NBC Executive (as Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld)

Vincent Schiavelli

Maynard Smith - ABC Executive

Molly Schaffer

Maynard Smith's Assistant

Howard West

ABC Executive

Greg Travis

ABC Executive

Maureen Mueller

ABC Executive

Philip Perlman

Mama Rivoli's Angry Guy (as Phil Perlman)

Jessica Devlin

Mama Rivoli's Diner

Paul Giamatti

Bob Zmuda

Jeff Thomas

Andy's Stand-In

Randall Carver


Peter Bonerz

Ed. Weinberger - Taxi Producer

Howard Keystone

Taxi Marching Man

Howdy Doody


Brent Briscoe

Heavyset Technician

Ray Bokhour

Blue Collar Guy

Patton Oswalt

Blue Collar Guy

Caroline Gibson

Sorority Girl

Conrad Roberts

College Promoter

Jeff Zabel

College Student

Marilyn Sokol


Angela Jones


Krystina Carson


Gerry Robert Byrne

Taxi AD / Stage Manager

Mark Davenport

LA Times Reporter

Bert F. Balsam

Taxi Security Guard

Lonnie Hamilton

Taxi Security Guard

Ron Sanchez

Taxi Security Guard

Patricia Scanlon

Ed. Weinberger's Secretary

Max Alexander

Harrah's Booker

Ed Mitchell

Harrah's Conductor

Reiko Aylesworth


Michael Villani

Merv Griffin

Courtney Love

Lynne Margulies

Maria Elena Maglaris

Irate Merv Spectator (as Maria Maglaris)

Heath Hyche

Merv's Guest Coordinator

Robert Holeman

Boxing Trainer

Jim Ross

Wrestling Commentator (as James Ross)

Jerry Lawler


Tamara Bossett

Foxy Jackson

Gene LeBell

Foxy Jackson Referee

Bob Zmuda

Jack Burns

Brian Peck

Fridays Announcer

Caroline Rhea

Fridays Melanie

Mary Lynn Rajskub

Friday's Mary

Philip Lenkowsky

Fridays Tech Director (as Phil Lenkowsky)

Rob Steiner

Fridays Control Booth Tech

Claudia Jaffee

Fridays Floor Director

Armando Guerrero

Jerry Lawler Referee (as Mando Guerrero)

Lance Russell

Ring Announcer

Ladi von Jansky

Stadium Photographer

K.P. Palmer

Memphis Paramedic

Mark Majetti

Memphis Paramedic

Deana Ann Aburto

Memphis Paramedic

Mews Small

TM Administrator

David Elliott

TM Administrator

Fredd Wayne

Bland Doctor

Tracey Walter

National Enquirer Editor

David Koechner

National Enquirer Reporter

Jeanine Jackson

National Enquirer Reporter

Johnny Legend

Wild-Haired Guru

Doris Eaton

Eleanor Gould (as Doris Eaton Travis)

Greg Sutton

Carnegie Hall Conductor

Sydney Lassick

Crystal Healer

Yoshi Jenkins

Jun Roxas

Lance Alarcon

Comedy Store Patron

D.J. Johnson

Comedy Store Waiter

Melissa Carrey

Comedy Store Waitress

Doug Ford

Tony Clifton Biker

Bill Reid

Tony Clifton Biker

Chuck Zito

Tony Clifton Biker

Danielle Burgio

New York City Rockette

Linda Cevallos

New York City Rockette

Betsy Chang

New York City Rockette

Jennifer Chavarria

New York City Rockette

Shirry Dolgin

New York City Rockette

Lisa Eaton

New York City Rockette

Melanie A. Gage

New York City Rockette (as Melanie Gage)

Catherine Hader

New York City Rockette

Billy D. Lucas

Taxi Security Guard (as Billy Lucas)

Milos Forman


Scott Alexander


Larry Karaszewski

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