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Tenebrae (1982)

Horror/Mystery/Suspense/Thriller · 1h 50m


The translation of the Italian word TENEBRAE is "darkness", which is an contridiction to the film itself. It's Argento's "brightest" film to date, in a sense that many of the films scenes occur outside, and this is clearly deliberate. The story is set in the near future. The world is inhabited by fewer people. Something in the past has caused this, but probably wants to talk about it. It's almost a futuristic landscapes, where the old, (history in form of architecture and culture), is not visible, except in violent memories. The title TENEBRAE refers more to the dark soul, and twisted mind of the humans, who has become the architecture and culture of this world. The ending couldn't be more blacker, accompanied only by the hard hitting rain, that is a futile attemp to wash away the sins of a world that no longer has any roots in the past.




English, Language_Italiano



Production Company

Sigma Cinematografica Roma

Where to Watch


Andrea Scazzola

Man in White Coat (uncredited)

Michele Soavi

Maria's Boyfriend / Man Walking with Girl on Beach (uncredited)

Lanfranco Spinola

Journalist at Airport (uncredited)

Marcella Theodoli

Traveller at Airport (uncredited)

Luciano Zanussi

Journalist at Airport (uncredited)

Anthony Franciosa

Peter Neal

John Saxon


Daria Nicolodi


Giuliano Gemma

Detective Germani

Christian Borromeo


Mirella D'Angelo


Veronica Lario

Jane McKerrow

Ania Pieroni

Elsa Manni

Eva Robins

Girl on Beach

Carola Stagnaro

Detective Altieri

John Steiner

Christiano Berti

Lara Wendel

Maria Alboretto

Isabella Amadeo

Bullmer's secretary

Mirella Banti


Ennio Girolami

Department Store Manager (as Enio Girolami)

Monica Maisani

Woman at Airport

Marino Masé


Fulvio Mingozzi

Alboretto, the porter

Giampaolo Saccarola

Coroner (as Gianpaolo Saccarola)

Ippolita Santarelli


Francesca Viscardi

Department Store Clerk

Dario Argento

Narrator (Italian version) / Murderer's Hands (voice) (uncredited)

Sean Barrett

Killer / Homeless Man / Coroner / News Anchor / Handyman (voice) (uncredited)

Lamberto Bava

Elevator Repairman #1 (uncredited)

Erminio Bianchi Fasani

Man in Department Store (uncredited)

Eros buttaglieri

Man with Glasses (uncredited)

Mario Castaldi

Traveller at Airport (uncredited)

Carlo Cataneo

Journalist at Airport (uncredited)

David Graham

Det. Germani (voice) (uncredited)

Heribert Hofer

Traveller at Airport (uncredited)

Ettore Martini

Man at Party (uncredited)

Filippo Perego

Journalist at Airport (uncredited)

Maurizio Piacenti

Man at Party (uncredited)

Adrienne Posta

Various (voice) (uncredited)

Theresa Russell

Anne (voice) (uncredited)

Dario Argento


Dario Argento

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