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No clues. No leads. No time. A phantom sniper methodically assassinates key figures in a South Korean intelligence investigation. Special agent Ryu and his partner Lee suspect North Korea's most lethal female operative, Hee. When a security breach prompts the theft to high-tech liquid explosive CTX from South Korean authorities, Ryu and Lee are certain there's a mole within their ranks. The New York Times calls Shiri "a tingling espionage tale," adding "(it) takes on themes that only recently were forbidden." Deceptions are uncovered, loyalties questioned and two nations threatened in the thriller that smashed the Korean box office record set by Titanic!

Where to Watch

Person Photo

Suk-kyu Han

Yu, JongWon
Person Photo

Min-sik Choi

Park, Mu-young
Person Photo

Yunjin Kim

Lee, Myung-hyun (Lee, Bang-hee) (as Yoon-jin Kim)
Person Photo

Kang-ho Song

Lee, Jang-gil
Person Photo

Johnny Kim

Jung, Dae-Ho (as Derek Kim)
Person Photo

Yong-woo Park

Person Photo

Je-gyu Kang

Disc Releases
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Shiri (DVD, Keep Case (Std.))

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