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No Retreat, No Surrender (1986)

Action/Drama · 1h 25m


Jason Stillwell is a self confessed Bruce Lee fanatic whose only wish is to be just like his hero. When his karate teacher is run out of town by the local crime syndicate Jason refuses to stop practising and, guided by the spirit of Bruce Lee, he unlocks the secret of success in martial arts. Jason enrols at another gym, run by Ian Reilly the US National Champion, but Ian has problems of his own - the crime syndicate want to take over his gym. In a trial by combat the syndicate unveil their secret weapon - Ivan the Russian. When he proves unstoppable Jason realises that he must fight back or he'll be running for the rest of his life.






United States, Hong Kong SAR

Production Companies

Seasonal Film Corporation, Balcor Film Investors, New World Pictures



Where to Watch


Kurt McKinney

Jason Stillwell

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Ivan Kraschinsky the Russian

J.W. Fails

R.J. Madison

Kathie Sileno

Kelly Reilly

Tai Chung Kim

Sensei Lee (as Kim Tai Chong)

Kent Lipham


Ron Pohnel

Ian Reilly

Dale Jacoby

Dean Ramsay

Peter Cunningham

Frank Peters (as Pete Cunningham)

Timothy D. Baker

Tom Stillwell

Gloria Marziano

Mrs. Stillwell

Joe Verroca

New York Agent (as Joe Vance)

Farid Panahi

New York Assistant #1

Tom Harris

New York Assistant #2

John Andes

New York Boss

Mark Zacharatos

New York Fighter #1

Ty Martinez

New York Fighter #2

Dennis Park

Karate Fight Referee

Sharice Zulo

Patron (uncredited)

Bob Johnene

Karate Fight Emcee

Alex Stelter

Karate Fight Judge

Harold Engel

Karate Fight Judge

Jerry Cole

Karate Fight Judge

Ken Firestone

Karate Fight Judge

Wayne Yee

Karate Fight Judge

Charlie Sparks

Scott's Father

Lynetta Welch

Kelly's Friend

Carin Badger

Kelly's Friend

Tina Erickson

Kelly's Friend

Corey Jordan

Dean's Friend (as Corey Jacoby)

Neil Rozbaruch

Dean's Friend

George Mason

Bar Thug #1

Robert Villeaux

Bar Thug #2

Dave Robinson

Bar Thug #3

Keith Strange

Bar Thug #4

Ruckins McKinley


Roz McKinley


Jamie Krasnoo

Karate student (uncredited)

Michele Krasnoo

Karate Student (uncredited)

Dennis Casey Park

Karate Fight Referee (uncredited)

Brandon Pender

Ian Reilly's Sparring Partner (uncredited)

Rey-Phillip Santos

Karate Student (uncredited)

Corey Yuen


See-Yuen Ng


Keith W. Strandberg

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