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Volcano (1997)


Action/Drama/Suspense/Thriller · 1h 44m · 4/25/1997

The Coast is Toast.


Quakes. Riots. Mudslides. Los Angeles has seen it all...almost. Get set for nonstop action, searing suspense and explosive special effects when Oscar® winner TOMMY LEE JONES* stars in "the first great action film of the year!" (Matt Levitz, Syndicated Radio). Something unspeakably chilling is heating up the City of Angels. Beneath the famed La Brea Tar Pits, a raging volcano has formed, raining a storm of deadly fire bombs and an endless tide of white-hot lava upon the stunned city. Experience the pulse-pounding thrills as the dream capital of the word erupts into the stuff nightmares are made of. "Take the ride. 'Volcano' has it all!" (Jim Ferguson, Prevue Channel). *1993 Best Supporting Actor, "The Fugitive."




English, Language_Deutsch, Language_Español


United States

Production Companies

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Donner/Shuler-Donner Productions, Moritz Original





Where to Watch


Tommy Lee Jones

Mike Roark

Anne Heche

Dr. Amy Barnes

Gaby Hoffmann

Kelly Roark

Don Cheadle

Emmit Reese

Jacqueline Kim

Dr. Jaye Calder

Keith David

Police Lieutenant Ed Fox

John Corbett

Norman Calder

Michael Rispoli

Gator Harris

John Carroll Lynch

Stan Olber

Marcello Thedford


Laurie Lathem


Bert Kramer

L.A. Fire Chief

Bo Eason

Bud McVie

James MacDonald

Terry Jasper (as James G. MacDonald)

Dayton Callie

Roger Lapher

Michael Cutt


Kevin Bourland

Bob Davis

Valente Rodriguez

Train Driver

Sheila Howard

Panicked Woman / Nanny

Gerry Black

Train Passenger

Susie Essman


Lou Myers

Pastor Lake

Gareth Williams


Juan Gabriel Reynoso


Angela Albarez

Lydia Perez

Richard Penn

Middle Aged Man

Jennifer Estlin

Nurse Fran (as Jennifer Bill)

Mickey Cottrell

Councilman Gates

Darnell Suttles

Chief Sindelar (as M. Darnell Suttles)

Ken Kerman

Museum Guard

Sal Rendino

Chuck (Storm Drain Worker #1)

Michael Manuel

Del (Storm Drain Worker #2)

Jared Thorne


Taylor Thorne


Richard Schiff


Brad Blumenthal

Ken Woods (as Brad Parker)

Pete Kasper

Kenny Lopez

Brian Markinson

O.E.M. Staffer #1

Robert Wisdom

O.E.M. Staffer #2

Katie Rich

O.E.M. Staffer #3

Ceal Coleman

O.E.M. Staffer #4

Phil Nee

O.E.M. Staffer #5

Gary Carlos Cervantes

O.E.M. Staffer #6 (as Carlos Cervantes)

George Zaver

O.E.M. Staffer #7

Marty Levy

O.E.M. Staffer #8

Wayne Grace

O.E.M. Staffer #9

John Bishop

Paramedic #1

Marcia del Mar

Kitchen Worker

Mother Love

Traffic Cop

Kayli DeGregorio

Triage 7-Year-Old

Kelsi DeGregorio

Triage 7-Year-Old

Steven Maines

K-Rail Driver (as Steven Mainz)

Josie Dapar

Survivor #1

Joy Baggish

Survivor #2

Ron Perkins

Fire Chief

Todd Sible


Joshua Fardon


Catherine Schreiber

Displeased Protestor

David Pressman

Second Protestor

Danny Comden

Ascending Cop

Michael McGrady


Michole Briana White

E.R. Nurse #1

Steve MacLaughlin

Construction Supervisor

Howard DuVall

Engineer #1

Sam Alejan

Engineer #2

Gary Kent James

Engineer #3

Robert Tittor

Engineer #4

John Edson

Engineer #5 (as John Perry Edson Jr.)

David T. Mabowe

Engineer #6

Ken Thomas

Engineer #7

Eddie J. Low

Engineer #8

Georganna Barry

Java Lady

Tom Crabson

Passenger on Train

Rick Rogers

Sergeant Riley

Harvey Levin


Shepard Smith

Self - The Media

Larry Carroll

Self - The Media

Christopher Spinder

Self - The Media

Penny Griego

Self - The Media

Jeremy Thompson

Self - The Media

Kerry Kilbride

Self - The Media

Jennifer Bjorklund

Self - The Media

Angie Crouch

Self - The Media

Rick Garcia

Self - The Media

Frank Buckley

Self - The Media

Peter Trunk

Self - The Media

Steve Edwards

Self - The Media

Terry Anzur

Self - The Media

Sasha Foo

Self - The Media

Lonnie Lardner

Self - The Media

Chris Myers

Self - The Media

Michael Villani

Self - The Media (as Michael Louis Villani)

Pat Lalama

Self - The Media

Charles Perez

Self - The Media

Paula Bond

Self - The Media

Teresa Quevedo-Stoll

Self - The Media

Sandra Clark

Self - The Media

Leo Quinones

Self - The Media

Rich Goldner

Self - The Media

Alina Recasens

Self - The Media

Juan Carlos González

Self - The Media

Walter Richards

Self - The Media

James Scott Hodson

Self - The Media

Richard Saxton

Self - The Media (as Richard L.D. Saxton)

Jere Laird

Self - The Media

Sergio Urquidi

Self - The Media

Luann Lee

Self - The Media

Jane Velez-Mitchell

Self - The Media

Dorothy Lucey

Self - The Media (as D. Lucey)

Jillian Barberie

Self - The Media (as Jillian Warry)

Chris McWatt

Self - The Media

Jane Wells

Self - The Media

Jean Martirez

Self - The Media

Karl T. Wright

Self - The Media

Al Naipo

Self - The Media

Andrea Wynn

Self - The Media

Warren Olney

Self - The Media

Takayuki Yamauchi

Self - The Media

Bruce R. Orchid

Self - The Media (as Bruce Orchid)

Jeffrey J. Ayers

Pedestrian (uncredited)

Amy Ball

LA Jogger (uncredited)

Greg Bronson

Boom Operator (uncredited)

Jim Childs

Construction Worker (uncredited)

Pina De Rosa

Hard Rock Cafe Cop (uncredited)

Joe Forbes

Rioter (uncredited)

Mark Gantt

Rookie Cop (uncredited)

Michael Haddad

Cal-Trans Worker (uncredited)

Glenn Soo Hoo

Policeman (uncredited)

Lew Knopp

Bomb Squad Agent (uncredited)

Johnny Mansbach

LAPD Officer (uncredited)

Scott McKinley

Fireman (uncredited)

Steve Mora

DWP Worker (uncredited)

John Ward Nielsen

Helicopter Pilot (uncredited)

Michael Power

Rioter (uncredited)

Louis E. Rosas

Rioter (uncredited)

Paul Shottner

National Guard (uncredited)

Gary Anthony Sturgis

Homeless Man in Park (uncredited)

D. Danny Warhol

Terrified pedestrian (uncredited)

Jennifer Wellings

Rioter (uncredited)

Alex Wexo

Hard Rock Cafe Manager (uncredited)

Mick Jackson


Jerome Armstrong


Jerome Armstrong


Billy Ray

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