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The Purge: Election Year (2016)


Action/Horror/Science-Fiction · 1h 49m · 7/1/2016

Purge for the Nation


The Purge: Election Year is a 2016 American dystopian action horror film written and directed by James DeMonaco and starring Frank Grillo, Elizabeth Mitchell and Mykelti Williamson. A sequel to the 2014 film The Purge: Anarchy, it is the third installment in the The Purge series. The film was released on July 1, 2016, received mixed reviews and has grossed over $113 million.






France, United States

Production Companies

Universal Pictures, Blumhouse Productions, Platinum Dunes





Where to Watch

Part of Collection

The Purge Collection


Franz Strassmann

Mercenary (uncredited)

Billy Silvia

Secret Service Agent (uncredited)

William Shipman

Gang Member (uncredited)

London Hall

Charlie Roan's Mom (uncredited)

Dora Sexton

Costume Shop Pedestrian (uncredited)

Thomas Schiavitti

Secret Service (uncredited)

Stephanie Ann Saunders

Airport Patron (uncredited)

Andres Luis Sanchez

Latin Gang Member (uncredited)

Melanie Blake Roth

Parishioner (uncredited)

Lexie Roth

Parishioner (uncredited)

Gary Roscoe

New Founding Father (uncredited)

Jeremiah Suave Richardson

Skateboard Purgers (uncredited)

Kristen Annese

Audience Member (uncredited)

Jamal Peters

Gang Member with Dying Friend

Kt Baldassaro

Flag Face Russian Murderer (uncredited)

James Gaiero

NFFA secret service (uncredited)

John Franchi

Homeless Vietnam Vet (uncredited)

Mugisha Feruzi

Dante's Men (uncredited)

Raymond J. Barry

Leader Caleb Warrens

Jared Kemp


Christopher James Baker

Harmon James

Adam Cantor

Tall Eric Busmalis

Ethan Phillips

Chief Couper

Liza Colón-Zayas

Dawn (as Liza Colon-Zayas)

Barry Nolan

Reporter #1

Kyle Secor

Minister Edwidge Owens

Edwin Hodge

Dante Bishop

Terry Serpico

Earl Danzinger

Betty Gabriel

Laney Rucker

Joseph Julian Soria


Mykelti Williamson

Joe Dixon

Elizabeth Mitchell

Senator Charlie Roan

Emily Petta

Screaming Woman

Christopher Cagle

Dante's Man

George Lee Miles

Irish Ike Jenkins

Hank Amos

Mercenary #8

Terry Conforti

Parishioner (uncredited)

Chemi Che-Mponda

Homeless Woman (uncredited)

Benjamin James Chaplin

Kid (uncredited)

Joe Jafo Carriere

Homeless Man (uncredited)

Jim Boyd

Factory Worker (uncredited)

Matt Walton

Reporter #1

Raquel Wallace

Homeless Child (uncredited)

Lonnie Farmer

Man with Bull Horn

Christy Coco

Young Charlie Roan

Elaine Victoria Grey

NFFA Member Wife (uncredited)

Rickland Powell

NFFA Debate Supporter (uncredited)

Ian Gatheca

South African Gang Member (uncredited)

Stephanie McIntyre

Store Clerk (uncredited)

Neal McNeil

Pedestrian / Victim (uncredited)

Tanja Melendez Lynch

News Photographer (uncredited)

Frank Grillo

Leo Barnes

Mickey Gilmore

Dante's Men #1 (uncredited)

Tom Paolino

Axe Headed Man

Johnnie Mae

Mrs. Sabian

Drew Cooper

Enormous Gang Member

Michael Steven Swanson

New Founding Father (uncredited)

Pamela Figueiredo Wilcox

Electorate (uncredited)

Lino Tanaka

Voter (uncredited)

Wayne Malm Jr.

NFFA Soldier / Parishioner (uncredited)

Jillian Taylor

Airport Patron (uncredited)

Michael Maggiani

Campaign Supporter (uncredited)

Alex Madera

Homeless Child (uncredited)

Jonah Lorenzo

Leo's Security Team (uncredited)

Jordan Lloyd

School Girl Friend (uncredited)

Rob Vardaro

Purger #3 (uncredited)

Roman Vangeli

NFFA Soldier (uncredited)

J.P. Valenti

NFFA Secret Service Agent (uncredited)

David Aaron Baker

Tommy Roseland

Christopher Alan

Leo's Security Team (uncredited)

Emily Smith

Dancer #2

Lindsey Pires

Dancer #1

Alexander Schuler

Demonic Man

Antoine Coetzee

South African Male

Darcie Fisher

Reporter #3

Juani Feliz

Schoolgirl #2

James Best

Charlie Roan's Brother (uncredited)

Joe Alo

Mercenary (uncredited)

Mel Alejandro

Rally Attendee (uncredited)

Alexander Cook

Masked Man

Stephen Kyle

Parishioner (uncredited)

Samuel Kinnah

Dante revolutionary soldier (uncredited)

Jeffery Kincannon

Security (uncredited)

Jessica Kent

Newly Injured Victim (uncredited)

Cailyn Kemka

Parishioner (uncredited)

Steven Barkhimer

Drab Suited Man 1

Jimmy Jules

Political Debate / Audience Member (uncredited)

Charles Matumbi Jackson

Shelter Doctor (uncredited)

Nelson Irizarry

Archer (uncredited)

Ian Dylan Hunt

NFFA Secret Service Agent (uncredited)

Kimberly Howe

School Girl #4 (uncredited)

Tiffany Howcroft

Parishioner (uncredited)

Rosemary Howard

Unassuming Woman (uncredited)

Arthur Hiou

Leo's Security Team (uncredited)

Imani Henries

Debate Audience Member (uncredited)

Nicholas Rexford

Lawrence (uncredited)

Eddie Resendes

Alleyway Psycho (uncredited)

Stew Replogle

Martyr (uncredited)

Paul Vincent Rapisarda

Audience member (uncredited)

Noel Ramos

Dante's Revolutionary Soldier (uncredited)

Jon Douglas Rainey

Purger (uncredited)

Leah Procito

Nurse (uncredited)

Joseph Paolo

Customer (uncredited)

Lauren Laperriere

South African Gang Member (uncredited)

Hashim Lafond

Revolutionary (uncredited)

Nick Principe

NFFA agent (uncredited)

Richard Pacheco

Political Debate Audience Member (uncredited)

Adrian M. Mompoint

Voter (uncredited)

Thomas Kee

Crazy Man (Self-Purger)

Portland Helmich


Naeem Duren

Rev with Angel in Command Center

Naheem Garcia

Angel Munoz

Brittany Mirabile

Schoolgirl #1 Freakbride / Kimmy

Chuey Okoye

School Girl Boyfriend #1 (uncredited)


Secret Service Agent (uncredited)

Mark Haggett

Helicopter Pilot (uncredited)

Robert Marsella

NFFA Secret Service Agent (uncredited)

Michael Mardo

Church Goer (uncredited)

Paul Taft

Voter (uncredited)

David Struffolino

Driver / Person in Shelter (uncredited)

Tom Kemp

Drab Suited Man 2

Arielle Kenney

Voter (uncredited)

Angel Connell

Parishioner (uncredited)

Rosario Corso

Leo's Security Team (uncredited)

Alysson Da Silva

Parishioner (uncredited)

Sabe Schoeneg

Sniper #3 (special skills) (uncredited)

Ed Goode

Parishioner (uncredited)

Roman Blat

Uncle Sam

Kevin DeCoste

Executioner (uncredited)

Macayla Botelho

Injured Victim (uncredited)

James DeMonaco


James DeMonaco

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