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Taken 3 (2014)


Action/Suspense/Thriller · 1h 49m · 12/16/2014

It Ends Here


Liam Neeson smashes back onto the big screen as ex-covert operative Bryan Mills, whose long awaited reconciliation with his ex-wife is tragically cut short when she is brutally murdered. Overtaken with anger, and worst of all, framed for a crime he didn’t commit, Mills goes on the run to avoid being taken into custody by every law enforcement agency in America. For the very last time Mills will beusing his ‘particular set of skills’ to track down the real killers and ensure his own unique brand of justice is handed out.




English, Language_русский язык



Production Companies

EuropaCorp, M6 Films, Canal+, M6, Ciné+, TSG Entertainment





Where to Watch

Part of Collection



Neil Macwan

Albanian Student

Matt Pruett

Truck Stop Motorcycle Man

Steve Janousek

USC Student

Hannah Clabaugh

College Student

Taylor Hall


Christabelle Rose

College Student

John Van Horn III

Stuart's Bodyguard

Preston Baker

College Student (uncredited)

Dezirae Teal

College Student

Charles Sanger

LA Detective

Zachary Stockdale

Maxim Partner #2

Reuven Avi

Officer Parker

Cedric Camus

Malankov Guard Security Station #2

Karim Ben Haddou

Malankov Guard Elevator Penthouse #1

Peter Thias

Malankov Guard Elevator Garage #2

Al Sapienza


Chad Donella


Vincent Parisi

Malankov Guard Elevator Penthouse #2

Alex Disdier

Steward Gulfstream

Martin Vaughan Lewis

Controller Airport

Amanda Nima

Waitress #2

Scott Thrun

Malankov Guard Elevator Penthouse #3

Laurent Desponds

Malankov Building Security

John Manison

Bart (uncredited)

Johnny Martini

USC Student (uncredited)

Dale Liner

Officer Bernard (uncredited)

Keith Ham

Business Professional (uncredited)

Sarunas Jackson

USC Student (uncredited)

Sherod Ogletree

High School Student (uncredited)

Erick Wofford

College Student (uncredited)

Derrick Worsley

Officer Edwards (uncredited)

Philip J Silvera

Officer Ramsey (uncredited)


Detective (uncredited)

Alan D. Purwin

Cop Pilot Helicopter (uncredited)

Roderick Green

College Student (uncredited)

Francis Dobrisky

Detective (uncredited)

Garrett H. Dumas

Detective (uncredited)

Charles William Cook

Forensic Technician (uncredited)

Mikael Buxton

Russian Thug (uncredited)

Ciarán Charles

Pilot (uncredited)

Jason Lee Erickson

Student (uncredited)

L. Frost

USC Student (uncredited)

Fred Galle

LAPD Detective (uncredited)

Darian Fisher

LAPD detective (uncredited)

Gregory Fears

Detective (uncredited)

Abbey Ferrell

Kim's Friend (uncredited)

Katie Mary Garland

Bagel Clerk

Cedric Cirotteau

Maxim partner #1

Catherine Dyer

NSA Woman

Andrew Howard


Andrew Borba


Judi Beecher


Jimmy Palumbo

Cop Brooks

Alex Wraith

Cop Utility Room

Shelley Calene-Black

Cop Debriefing Room

Al Vicente

Crime Scene Detective

Robert Pralgo

Cop Crime Scene #1

Tony Williams

Cop Crime Scene #2

Jonny Weston


Maggie Grace

Kim Mills

Dougray Scott

Stuart St John

Famke Janssen

Lenore St. John

Liam Neeson

Bryan Mills

Forest Whitaker

Franck Dotzler

Sam Spruell

Oleg Malankov

David Warshofsky

Bernie (Harris)

Jon Gries

(Mark) Casey

Leland Orser


Don Harvey


Dylan Bruno


Haley Craft

USC Girl #2

Stephanie Honoré

USC Girl #3

Ellen Ho

USC Girl #1

Cédric Chevalme

Malankov Guard Elevator Garage #1

Anton Yakovlev

Malankov Guard Security Station #1

Steve Coulter

USC Professor

Cornelius Peter

Pastor Lenore Funeral

Kevin Fry

Bodyguard Manny

Lauren Sivan

Reporter Crime Scene

Mike Davies

Pilot Private Plane/Pilot Private Jet

Jonathan Waite

Co-Pilot Private Jet

Franck Neel

Stuart Bodyguard #2

Michael Shikany

Convenience Store Clerk

Robert Bryan Davis

Clerk Gas Station

David Clark

Cop Malankov Garage #1

Adam J. Smith

Technician Surveillance Van

Jimmy Gonzales

Cop Lenore House #1

Nazareth Dairian

Clerk Toy Store

Angie Dillard

Waitress Restaurant

Wallace Langham


Johnny Harvill

Customer Rancho Cafe

Tony Demil

Impound Technician

Stefanie Kleine

Waitress Rancho Cafe

Olivier Megaton


Luc Besson


Robert Mark Kamen

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