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Strangers on a Train (1951)


Film-Noir/Crime/Suspense/Thriller · 1h 41m · 6/30/1951

It's Off The Beaten Track!


Tennis star Guy Haines meets a stranger on the Washington-to-New York train who offers to exchange murders. The stranger, Bruno Anthony, will kill Guy's estranged wife if Guy will kill Bruno's hated father. Guy doesn't take Bruno seriously until his wife, Miriam, is found murdered in an amusement park. Guy becomes the chief suspect, which threatens his tennis career, his romantic involvement with a U.S. senator's daughter, Anne Morton, his hopes for a political career, and even his life. When it becomes evident to Bruno that Guy isn't going to kill his father, he tells Guy he intends to establish Guy's guilt conclusively by planting his monogrammed cigarette lighter on the island where Miriam was murdered. With Anne's help, Guy attempts to stop Bruno after rushing through an important tennis match and racing to the amusement park.




English, Language_Français


United States

Production Company

Warner Bros.





Where to Watch


Farley Granger

Guy Haines

Ruth Roman

Anne Morton

Robert Walker

Bruno Antony

Leo G. Carroll

Sen. Morton

Patricia Hitchcock

Barbara Morton

Kasey Rogers

Miriam Joyce Haines (as Laura Elliott)

Marion Lorne

Mrs. Antony

Jonathan Hale

Mr. Antony

Howard St. John

Police Capt. Turley

John Brown

Prof. Collins

Norma Varden

Mrs. Cunningham

Robert Gist

Det. Leslie Hennessey

Joel Allen

Policeman (uncredited)

Murray Alper

Boatman (uncredited)

Monya Andre

Dowager (uncredited)

Brooks Benedict

Tennis Umpire (uncredited)

Al Bridge

Tennis Judge (uncredited)

John Butler

Blind Man (uncredited)

Leonard Carey

Anthonys' Butler (uncredited)

Edward Clark

Miriam's Boss (uncredited)

Jack Cushingham

Fred Reynolds (uncredited)

John Daheim

Detective at Merry-Go-Round (uncredited)

John Doucette

Det. Hammond (uncredited)

Roy Engel

Policeman (uncredited)

Herbert Evans

Party Guest (uncredited)

Franklyn Farnum

Party Guest (uncredited)

Tommy Farrell

Miriam's Boyfriend (uncredited)

Sam Flint

Train Passenger Requesting Light (uncredited)

Edward Hearn

Lt. Campbell (uncredited)

Al Hill

Carnival Game Proprietor (uncredited)

Harry Hines

Man Under Merry-Go-Round (uncredited)

Alfred Hitchcock

Man Boarding Train Carrying a Double Bass (uncredited)

Mary Alan Hokanson

Secretary (uncredited)

Edna Holland

Mrs. Joyce (uncredited)

J. Louis Johnson

Mortons' Butler (uncredited)

Mike Lally

Detective at Carnival (uncredited)

Perc Launders

Police Desk Sergeant (uncredited)

Louis Lettieri

Boy with Balloon (uncredited)

George Magrill

Policeman at Merry-Go-Round (uncredited)

Charles Marsh

Bystander at Drain (uncredited)

Paul McGuire

Man on Train (uncredited)

David McMahon

Bystander at Drain (uncredited)

Charles Meredith

Judge Donahue (uncredited)

Roland Morris

Miriam's Boyfriend (uncredited)

Odette Myrtil

Madame Darville (uncredited)

Barry Norton

Tennis Match Spectator (uncredited)

Paul Panzer

Bystander at Merry-Go-Round (uncredited)

Minna Phillips

Dowager (uncredited)

Georges Renavent

Monsieur Darville (uncredited)

Suzanne Ridgeway

Bystander at Merry-Go-Round Wreck (uncredited)

Dick Ryan

Minister (uncredited)

Charles Sherlock

Cop (uncredited)

Janet Stewart

Girl (uncredited)

Shirley Tegge

Girl (uncredited)

Laura Treadwell

Mrs. Anderson (uncredited)

Joe Warfield

Soda Jerk (uncredited)

Howard Washington

Waiter on Train (uncredited)

Dick Wessel

Bill (uncredited)

Robert Williams

Bystander at Drain (uncredited)

Alfred Hitchcock


Raymond Chandler


Czenzi Ormonde


Whitfield Cook


Patricia Highsmith


Ben Hecht


Robert Burks


William H. Ziegler


Dimitri Tiomkin

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