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The Horse Soldiers (1959)

Action/Western · 2h 0m · 6/17/1959

...Rides Where Only The Great Ones Go!


The Horse Soldiers is a 1959 western film, set in the American Civil War, directed by John Ford, starring John Wayne, William Holden and Constance Towers. The film was based on Harold Sinclair's novel of the same name. The team of John Lee Mahin and Martin Rackin both wrote the screenplay and produced the movie. The movie is based on the true story of Grierson's Raid, led by Colonel Benjamin Grierson who, along with 1700 men, set out from northern Mississippi and rode several hundred miles behind enemy lines in April of 1863 to cut the railroad between Newton Station and Vicksburg, Mississippi. Grierson's raid was part of the Union campaign, culminating in the Battle of Vicksburg. The raid was as successful as it was daring, and remarkably bloodless. By attacking the Confederate-controlled railroad it upset the plans and troop deployments of Confederate General John C. Pemberton. A Union cavalry regiment, led by Colonel John Marlowe (John Wayne), is sent on a raid behind Confederate lines to destroy a railroad and supply depot at Newton Station. Marlowe had been a railroad designer before the war, so who better to destroy one? With the troop is a new regimental surgeon, Major Henry Kendall (William Holden) who seems to be constantly at odds with his commander. Kendall is torn between the duty and the horror of war. Then to complicate matters, after the unit rests at the Greenbriar Plantation, Miss Hannah Hunter (Constance Towers), the plantation's mistress, eavesdrops on the colonel's plans. So to protect the mission, Marlowe is forced to drag her along. Initially hostile to her Yankee captor, Miss Hunter gradually warms to Marlow.






United States

Production Company

The Mirisch Company)



Where to Watch


John Wayne

Col. John Marlowe

William Holden

Maj. Henry Kendall

Constance Towers

Miss Hannah Hunter of Greenbriar

Judson Pratt

Sgt. Maj. Kirby

Hoot Gibson

Sgt. Brown

Ken Curtis

Cpl. Wilkie

Willis Bouchey

Col. Phil Secord

Bing Russell

Dunker, Yankee Soldier Amputee

O.Z. Whitehead

Otis 'Hoppy' Hopkins

Hank Worden

Deacon Clump

Chuck Hayward

Union Captain

Denver Pyle

Jackie Jo

Strother Martin


Basil Ruysdael

The Reverend (Jefferson Military Academy)

Carleton Young

Col. Jonathan Miles, CSA

William Leslie

Maj. Richard Gray

William Henry

Confederate Lieutenant

Walter Reed

Union Officer

Anna Lee

Mrs. Buford

William Forrest

Gen. Steve Hurlburt

Ron Hagerthy


Russell Simpson

Acting Sheriff Henry Goodbody

Althea Gibson


Sarge Allen

Union Officer (uncredited)

Danny Borzage

Ned (uncredited)

Otis Courville

Soldier (uncredited)

Richard H. Cutting

Gen. William T. Sherman (uncredited)

Fred Graham

Union Soldier (uncredited)

Sam Harris

Passenger to Newton Station (uncredited)

Stuart Holmes

Passenger to Newton Station (uncredited)

Stan Jones

Gen. Ulysses S. Grant (uncredited)

Fred Kennedy

Soldier (uncredited)

Roy Kennedy

Wrangler (uncredited)

Jack Pennick

Sgt. Maj. 'Mitch' Mitchell (uncredited)

Charles Seel

Newton Station Bartender (uncredited)

Jan Stine

Union General (uncredited)

William Wellman Jr.

Bugler (uncredited)

John Lee Mahin


John Ford


Martin Rackin

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