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Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous (2005)


Comedy/Crime · 1h 55m · 3/24/2005

You might feel a little prick


Sandra Bullock returns as Special Agent Gracie Hart in a funny, fabulous 'Miss Congeniality' follow up. This time, she's the bureau's new celebrity face, making the rounds of talk shows (her heroics at the Miss United States Beauty Pageant made her too famous for field work). She also has a new partner (Regina King), an agent with anger-management issues and a dim opinion of pampered Gracie. But when Gracie's friends (returning stars Heather Burns and William Shatner) are kidnapped, nothing can keep Special Agent GS13 out of the action. Look out world. The cover girl is going back undercover!






United States

Production Companies

Castle Rock Entertainment, Village Roadshow Pictures, Fortis Films





Where to Watch

Part of Collection

Miss Congeniality


Sandra Bullock

Gracie Hart

Regina King

Sam Fuller

Enrique Murciano

Jeff Foreman

William Shatner

Stan Fields

Ernie Hudson

FBI Asst. Director Harry McDonald

Heather Burns

Cheryl Frasier

Diedrich Bader

Joel Meyers

Treat Williams

FBI Asst. Director Walter Collins

Abraham Benrubi

Lou Steele

Nick Offerman

Karl Steele

Eileen Brennan

Carol Fields

Elisabeth Röhm

Agent Janet McKaren

Leslie Grossman


Lusia Strus


Molly Gottlieb


Susan Chuang

Agent Tobin

William O'Leary

Agent Jenkins

John DiResta

Agent Clonsky

Audrey Wasilewski

Mother in Bank

Marjorie Lovett

Bank Customer

Michelle Page

Punk Girl in Bank

Faith Minton

Housewife #1

Eve Gordon

Housewife #2

Kim Morgan Greene

Housewife #3

Rachel Iverson

Rachel - McDonald's Assistant

Regis Philbin


Joy Philbin


Thomas McGoldrick

Regis Show Propman

Esteban Cueto

Big Man in Bar

Octavia Spencer

Octavia - Bookstore

Patricia Andrest Davis

Angela - Bookstore

Christopher Ford

Jason - Bookstore

James DuMont

Compassionate Man - Bookstore

Sue Tripathy

CNN Reporter (as Sue Tripathi)

Brendan Patrick Connor

Attendant #1 (as Brendan P. Connor)

Affion Crockett

Attendant #2

Brian Shortall

Agent Okun

Vic Chao

Agent Hills

Benny Nieves

Tracking Agent

Marcelo Tubert

Roberto Fenice

Jayne Krashin

Tourist Woman - Hotel Venetian

Rachel Smith

Vegas Anchorwoman

Adam LeFevre


Stephen Tobolowsky

Tom Abernathy

Audrey Berger

Bar Patron #1

Richard DeDomenico

Bar Patron #2

Ivanan Trnik

Bar Patron #3

Dana Lorge

Bar Patron #4

Cynthia Pepper

Tourist Woman - Hotel Bar

Dolly Parton


Mary Ann Price

Dolly Parton's Assistant

Lloyd Kino

Asian Tourist Husband

Fusako Stevenson

Asian Tourist Wife

Scott Noonan

Venetian Singer #1

Tracy Elizabeth Blackwell

Venetian Singer #2

Jeff Shelton

Venetian Singer #3

Emilio Giandomenico

Venetian Singer #4

Dori Kancher

Woman in Crowd

Tim Clark

Man in Crowd

Ida Flammenbaum


Megan Cavanagh

Shirley the Receptionist

Don Perry

Buster Harrison

Kimble Jemison

Reporter #1a

Susan Leslie

Reporter #2a

Emy Coligado

Gate Agent

Gregory Stenson


Don Mirault


Mark S. Llewellyn

SWAT Team Leader

L. Sidney

Agent Clark

Larry Edwards

Patti LaBelle Impersonator / Tina Turner Impersonator #2

Frank Marino


Brad Grunberg

Elizabeth Taylor Impersonator

Alan James Luzietti

Liza Minelli Impersonator (as Alan Luzietti)

Wendall Jackson

Tina Turner Impersonator #1

Boy Thomas

Tina Turner Impersonator #3

Lonnie Henderson

Tina Turner Impersonator #4

Bobby Newberry

Tina Turner Impersonator #5

Nancy Anderson

Drag Club Dancer

Nicole De Lecia

Drag Club Dancer (as Nicole Delecia)

Alejandro Estornel

Drag Club Dancer (as Alex Estornel)

Michele Martinez

Drag Club Dancer

Jaayda McClanahan

Drag Club Dancer

Ayesha Orange

Drag Club Dancer

Tomasina Parrott

Drag Club Dancer

Christian Vincent

Drag Club Dancer

Todd Sherry

Dolly Parton Impersonator

Max Shippee

Young Man

Jasmine Jonas

Young Woman

Randy Sutton

Treasure Island Pit Boss

John Bitley

Treasure Island Dancer

Brian Kehoe

Treasure Island Dancer

Russell S. Pernus

Treasure Island Dancer

Sam Sadovia

Treasure Island Dancer

Mitchell Tannis

Treasure Island Dancer

Jason Toohey

Treasure Island Dancer

Mark Weinhandl

Treasure Island Dancer

Adam Austin

Agent Austin

Cameron Milzer

Reporter #1

Nate Bynum

Reporter #2 (as Nate Bynum Jr.)

Michael Kendall

Reporter #3

John Pasquin


Katie Ford


Marc Lawrence

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