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Nikita (1990)


Action/Suspense/Thriller · 1h 57m · 2/21/1990

She murders, so she can live.


Luc Besson's NIKITA is the stylish, high-voltage thriller that revolutionized the action genre with a sexy, gun-wielding woman as its main character. Starring Jean Reno (Mission: Impossible), Jean-Hughes Anglade (Betty Blue), Jeanne Moreau (Jules and Jim), and Anne Parillaud (Map of the Human Heart) in this title role (winning her a 1991 Best Actress Cesar Award), NIKITA achieved cult status worldwide, inspiring an American remake (1993's Point of No Return) and a hit U.S. television series. After being convicted of killing a cop, street-tough Nikita must choose between her own execution or training with a top-secret government agency to become an assassin. Given a new identity, new skills, and a new life by her sadistic mentor (Tcheky Karyo), Nikita becomes "Josephine", a seductive, sophisticated knockout who's also a brutally efficient killing machine. Powered by some of the most adrenaline-pumping action sequences ever filmed, NIKITA redefined femme fatale for a new generation.




Language_Français, Language_Italiano, English


France, Italy

Production Companies

Gaumont, Les Films du Loup, Cecchi Gori Group Tiger Cinematografica





Where to Watch


Hubert Gillet

Flic hôtel

Jean-Claude Bolle-Reddat

Gardien ambassade (as Jean-Claude Bolle Reddat)

Jean Bouise

L'attaché ambassade

Patrick Chauveau

Gardien ambassade

Maurice Antoni

Gardien ambassade

Stéphane Fey

Président tribunal (as Stephane Fey)

Mathieu Archer

Flic Bob

Michèle Amiel

Femme police (as Michele Amiel)

Pétronille Moss

Serveuse salon de thé (as Petronille Moss)

Guy Van Riet

Flic paternel

Olivier Hémon

Homme en retard (as Olivier Hemon)

Patrick Serrière

Chauffeur Bob

Christian Gazio

Garde ambassadeur

Jean-Hugues Anglade


Jean Reno

Victor nettoyeur

Philippe Leroy

Grossman (as Philippe Leroy Beaulieu)

Patrick Pérez

Flic pharmacie (as Patrick Perez)

Bruno Randon

Flic pharmacie

Gérard Touratier

Gardien porte blindée (as Gerard Touratier)

Philippe Hernando

4ème garde du corps

Jose Steinmann

3ème garde du corps

Eddie Gaydu

2ème garde du corps

Anne Parillaud


Jean Bedin


Mia Frye

Femme pressée

Eric Prat

Agent immobilier

Tchéky Karyo

Bob (as Tcheky Karyo)

Philippe Du Janerand

Ambassadeur - Jules

Heike Fisher

Femme restaurant

Michel Brunot

2ème magistrat

Jérôme Chalou

Chauffeur ambassadeur (as Jerome Chalou)

Roberto Talanno

Serveur hôtel Venise

Joseph Teruel

Stagiaire flic

Alexis Dupuy

Flic Bob

Rafael Sultan

Flic hôtel

Jacques Disses


Laura Chéron

La punk

Patrick Fontana


Helene Aligier

La pharmacienne

Pierrick Charpentier

Flic hôtel

Alain Lathière


Murray Gronwall

Responsable hôtel (as Murray Grunwall)

Iska Khan

Homme restaurant

Jean-Pierre Pauty

Homme bar hôtel

Marc Duret


Vincent Skimenti

Flic pharmacie

Edith Perret

Dame agence

Fausto Costantino

Garde du corps

Jacques Boudet

Le pharmacien

Roland Blanche

Flic interrogatoire

Jeanne Moreau


Michel Campa

Homme écoute

Pierre-Alain De Garrigues

Flic pharmacie

Jean-Marc Merchet

Professeur de judo

Xavier Bonastre

Homme restaurant (uncredited)

Jean-Luc Caron

Professeur d'informatique

Pavel Slaby

2ème infirmier

Rodolph Freytt

1er infirmier

Philippe Dehesdin

1er magistrat

Patrick Buiquangda

1er garde du corps

Rénos Mandis

Professeur de tir (as Renos Mandis)

Luc Besson


Luc Besson


Patrice Ledoux


Thierry Arbogast


Olivier Mauffroy


Éric Serra

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