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The Dark Crystal (1982)


Fantasy/Adventure/Animation · 1h 33m · 12/17/1982

Another World, Another Time... In the Age of Wonder.


THE DARK CRYSTAL is a masterful live-action fantasy starring some of Jim Henson's most imaginative creatures ever! Directed by Jim Henson and Frank Oz and produced by Gary Kurtz (Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back), THE DARK CRYSTAL brilliantly weaves a timeless myth of Good and Evil! In another time, THE DARK CRYSTAL- a source of Balance and Truth in the Universe- was shattered, dividing the world into two factions: the wicked Skeksis and the peaceful Mystics. Now, as the convergence of the three suns approaches, the Crystal must be healed, or darkness will reign forevermore! It's up to Jen -the last of his race- to fulfill the prophecy that a Gelfling will return the missing shard to the Crystal and destroy the Skeksis' evil Empire. But will young Jen's courage be any match for the unknown dangers that await him?






United Kingdom, United States

Production Companies

ITC Entertainment, Jim Henson Productions, Henson Associates (HA)





Where to Watch


Jim Henson

Jen / High Priest (Ritual Master) / Podling / Additional Characters

Kathryn Mullen

Kira, A Gelfling (performer) / Jen, A Gelfling (assistant) / Additional Characters (uncredited)

Frank Oz

Aughra - A Keeper Of Secrets / Chamberlain / Podling / Additional Characters

Dave Goelz

Fizzgig, A Friendly Monster (performer) / General (Garthin Master) (performer) / Dying Emperor (performer) / Podling (performer)

Steve Whitmire

Scientist (performer and voice) / Kira, A Gelfling (assistant) (voice)

Louise Gold

Gourmand (performer)

Brian Muehl

Ornamentalist (performer and voice) / Urzah (performer) / Dying Master (performer and voice) (voice)

Bob Payne

Historian (Scrollkeeper) (performer)

Mike Quinn

Slave Master (performer)

Tim Rose

Treasurer (performer)

Jean-Pierre Amiel

Weaver (performer) (as Jean Pierre Amiel)

Hugh Spight

Cook / Landstrider (performer)

Robbie Barnett

Numerologist (performer) / Landstrider (performer)

Swee Lim

Hunter / Landstrider - Performer

Simon Williamson

Ursol, The Chanter (performer)

Hus Levant

Scribe (performer)

Toby Philpott

Alchemist (performer)

David Greenaway

Healer (performer) / Aughra, A Keeper Of Secrets (assistant) (as Dave Greenaway)

Richard Slaughter

Healer (performer)

Kiran Shah

Additional Performer / Jen (body) / Kira (body) (uncredited) / Aughra (body) (uncredited)

Mike Edmonds

Additional Performer

Peter Burroughs

Additional Performer

Malcolm Dixon

Additional Performer

Sadie Corre

Additional Performer

Deep Roy

Additional Performer

Jack Purvis

Additional Performer

Gerald Staddon

Additional Performer (as Gerald Stadden)

Mike Cottrell

Additional Performer

John Ghavan

Additional Performer

Annie Jones

Additional Performer (as Abbie Jones)

Natasha Knight

Additional Performer

Lisa Esson

Additional Performer

Stephen Garlick

Jen (voice)

Lisa Maxwell

Kira (voice)

Billie Whitelaw

Aughra (voice)

Percy Edwards

Fizzgig (voice)

Barry Dennen

Chamberlain / Podling (voice)

Michael Kilgarriff

General (voice)

Jerry Nelson

High Priest / Dying Emperor (voice)

Thick Wilson

Gourmand (voice)

John Baddeley

Historian (voice)

David Buck

Slave Master (voice)

Charles Collingwood

Treasurer (voice)

Sean Barrett

Urzah (voice)

Mike Iveria

Podling (voice) (as Miki Iveria)

Patrick Monckton

Podling (voice)

Sue Westerby

Podling (voice)

Joseph O'Conor

Narrator / Urskeks (voice)

Jim Henson


Frank Oz


Jim Henson


Gary Kurtz


David Odell


Jim Henson

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