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Police Academy 3: Back In Training (1986)


Comedy · 1h 23m · 3/21/1986

The Law EnFARCEment Saga Continues!


The raw, inept, blunderheader civilians who graduated to become raw, inept, blunderheaded cops "carry on with a lot of good, low humor" (Vincent Canby, The New York Times) in their third hilarious outing. A budget crisis has decreed that only one of the states's two cop schools can survive, so the race is on to see which academy can avoid the ax by turning out the superior force. So Mahoney (Steve Guttenberg), Hightower (Bubba Smith), Tackleberry (David Graf), Jones (Michael Winslow), Hooks (Marion Ramsey) and Callahan (Leslie Easterbrook) - led by eternally befuddled Cmdt. Lassard (George Gaynes) - mobilize hilariously in their alma mater's defense. You have the right to remain silent - but you'll end up howling.






United States

Production Company

Warner Bros.



Where to Watch

Part of Collection

Police Academy


Steve Guttenberg

Sgt. Carey Mahoney

Bubba Smith

Sgt. Moses Hightower

David Graf

Sgt. Eugene Tackleberry

Michael Winslow

Sgt. Larvell Jones

Marion Ramsey

Sgt. Laverne Hooks

Leslie Easterbrook

Lt. Debbie Callahan

Art Metrano

Cmndt. Mauser

Tim Kazurinsky

Cadet Sweetchuck

Bob Goldthwait

Cadet Zed (as Bobcat Goldthwait)

George Gaynes

Cmndt. Eric Lassard, Midcity Police Academy

Shawn Weatherly

Cadet Karen Adams

Scott Thomson

Sgt. Chad Copeland

Brant von Hoffman

Sgt. Kyle Blanks (as Brant Van Hoffman)

Bruce Mahler

Sgt. Douglas Fackler

Ed Nelson

Gov. Neilson

Debralee Scott

Cadet Fackler

Lance Kinsey

Capt. Proctor (Cmndt. Mauser's flunky)

Brian Tochi

Cadet Nogata

Andrew Paris

Cadet Bud Kirkland

George R. Robertson

Chief Hurst

Georgina Spelvin

The hooker

David Huband

Cadet Hedges

R. Christopher Thomas

Cadet Baxter #1

David James Elliott

Cadet Baxter #2 (as David Elliott)

Arthur Batanides

Mr. Kirkland

Jack Creley

Mr. Bellows

Rita Tuckett

Ms. Tyler

Chas Lawther

Mr. Delaney

Lyn Jackson

Ms. Click

Mary Ann Coles

Mrs. Hurst

Sam Stone


Grant Cowan

Mr. Miller (line-up room victim)

Bruce Pirie

Line-up room cop

Doug Lennox

Axe murderer

Teddy Abner


Susan DeRyck

Basketball player

Marcia Watkins

Cadet Sarah

Pam Hyatt

Sarah's mother

Fran Gebhard

Woman at cafe

Les Nirenberg

Man with cigar

Gloria Summers


Fred Livingstone

Elderly man

Gladys O'Connor

Woman at phone booth

Elias Zarou

Hotel manager

Gary Flanagan


Pierre Berube

Boy on Bicycle

Peter Colvey

Gang member #1

Alex Pauljuk

Gang member #2

Tye Tyukodi

Purse snatcher (as Anton Tyukodi)

Jean Frenette

Karate Instructor (uncredited)

T.J. Scott

Robber (uncredited)

Jerry Paris


Pat Proft


Gene Quintano


Barry W. Blaustein


David Sheffield

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