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The Andromeda Strain (1971)


Suspense/Thriller/Science-Fiction · 2h 11m · 3/12/1971

The picture runs 130 minutes!... The story covers 96 of the most critical hours in man's history!... The suspense will last through your lifetime!


Directed with clinical precision by Robert Wise, this record of the earth's first biological crisis is perhaps the most painstakingly authentic science fiction thriller ever made. When a satellite falls to earth near a remote New Mexico village, the recovery team finds everyone in the area dead except an infant and an old derelict. The survivors are brought to a five story underground lab-one of the most elaborate and intricate sets ever assembled in Hollywood-where scientists attempt to determine the nature of the deadly microbe before it starts a world-wide epidemic. A trailblazer in the realm of science-fact, The Andromeda Strain is based on Michael Crichton's best selling novel that created national paranoia for its topical relevance to the first moon landing.






United States

Production Company

Universal Pictures





Where to Watch


Sandra Ego

Girl (uncredited)

Patty Bodeen

Girl (uncredited)

Rhodie Cogan

Minor Role (uncredited)

Russ Whiteman

Civilian (uncredited)

Gary Waynesmith

Air Force Technician (uncredited)

Len Wayland

Utah Crash Site Officer (uncredited)

Garry Walberg

Technician (uncredited)

Lorna Thayer

Woman (uncredited)

Joan Swift

Decontamination Receptionist (uncredited)

Gilchrist Stuart

Man (uncredited)

Robert Soto

Manuel Rios - Baby (uncredited)

Reuben Singer

Dr. Rudolph Karp (uncredited)

Georgia Schmidt

Old Lady - Piedmont (uncredited)

Clark Savage

M.P. Sergeant (uncredited)

Quinn K. Redeker

Capt. Morris (uncredited)

Don Ellis

Minor Role (uncredited)

Michael Pataki

Operator of 'The Hands' (uncredited)

James W. Gavin

Dempsey - Helicopter Pilot (uncredited)

Robert L. Hughes

Air Force Technician (uncredited)

Francisco Ortega

Gateman at Agricultural Center (uncredited)

Robert 'Bob' Olen

Soldier (uncredited)

Carl B. Morrison

Minor Role (uncredited)


Bess - Lab Technician (uncredited)

Victoria Paige Meyerink


Don Messick

Alarm Voice (uncredited)

Cliff Medaugh

Civilian (uncredited)

David McLean

Sen. McKenzie (New Mexico) (uncredited)

Tom McDonough

Stetson (uncredited)

Alma Platt

Woman (uncredited)

Theodore Lehmann

Scientist (uncredited)

Johnny Lee

Boy (uncredited)

Jamie Lamb

Boy - Piedmont (uncredited)

Bart La Rue

Medic Captain (uncredited)

Sheila Jo Guthrie

Girl - Piedmont (uncredited)

Eric Christmas

Senator from Vermont

Jan Burrell

Mother - Piedmont (uncredited)

Arthur Hill

Dr. Jeremy Stone

Paul Ballantyne

Hospital Director (uncredited)

Ivor Barry

Murray (uncredited)

Walker Edmiston

Voice (voice) (uncredited)

Harold Dyrenforth


Bill Dunbar

Vandenberg AFB Sergeant (uncredited)

Sandra de Bruin

Technician (uncredited)

Lisa Daniels

Woman (uncredited)

Michael Crichton

Bearded Surgeon (uncredited)

Joe Billings

Scientist (uncredited)

Duke Cigrang

Father - Piedmont (uncredited)

Dee Carroll

Technician (uncredited)

Walter Brooke

Assistant to Cabinet Secretary (uncredited)

Susan Brown

Allison Stone (uncredited)

John Carter

MP Capt. Morton

Ken Swofford

Toby (technician)

Judy Farrell

Pam (uncredited)

Lance Fuller

Man (uncredited)

Richard Bull

Air Force Major

Frances Reid

Clara Dutton

David Wayne

Dr. Charles Dutton

James Olson

Dr. Mark Hall

Kate Reid

Dr. Ruth Leavitt

Paula Kelly

Karen Anson

George Mitchell


Ramon Bieri

Major Manchek

Kermit Murdock

Dr. Robertson

Emory Parnell

Pete 'Old Doughboy' Arnold (uncredited)

Richard O'Brien


Mark Jenkins

Lt. Shawn (Piedmont team)

Glenn Langan

Cabinet Secretary (uncredited)

Peter Helm

Sgt. Crane (Piedmont team)

Joe Di Reda

Wildfire Computer Sgt. Burk (as Joe DiReda)

Jason Johnson

Dr. Benedict (uncredited)

Carl Reindel

Lt. Comroe

Ray Harris

Scientist (uncredited)

Peter Hobbs

General Sparks

Michael Bow

MP at Stone's (uncredited)

Michael Crichton


Robert Wise

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