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Infernal Affairs II (2003)

Action/Drama/Crime/Suspense/Thriller · 1h 59m


Set between the years 1991 and 1997, this second instalment of "Hong Kong's answer to the GODFATHER series" (The Times) begins 10 years before the events of INFERNAL AFFAIRS. The young Yan and Ming, (played here by Shawn Yue and Edison Chen respectively) are just starting out in their roles as police stooge and triad mole. The story begins in a police station where Inspector Wong (Anthony Wong) and Sam (Eric Tsang) bitter enemies from the first film behave like old friends. Yan is embroiled in the family saga of a triad cartel inextricably tied to his origins, while Ming is enmeshed in an oedipal fixation with his boss's wife. Expanding considerably upon the now legendary original, this acclaimed prequel develops the mythic feel of the saga. Friendships fracture. Foes join forces. And nothing is as it appears to be.




English, Language_中文


China, Hong Kong SAR

Where to Watch


Anthony Chau-Sang Wong

SP Wong Chi Shing (as Anthony Wong)

Eric Tsang

Hon Sam

Carina Lau

Mary Hon

Francis Ng

Ngai Wing Hau

Edison Chen

Officer Lau Kin Ming

Shawn Yue

Chan Wing Yan

Jun Hu

SP Luk

Tung Cho 'Joe' Cheung

Kwun (as Joe Cheung)

Henry Fong

Gandhi (as Ping Fong)

Peter Ngor


Arthur Wong


Teddy Chan


Chung-yue Chiu

Mary (as Yu Chiu)

Phorjeat Keanpetch


Say Ping Yap

Socialites (as Shi Pin Ye)

Ping Hui Tay

Hung the Solicitor

Roy Cheung


Kai-Chi Liu

Uncle John

Chapman To

Tsui Wai Keung

Hui Kam Fung

Cadet School Principal

Alexander Chan


Andrew Lin

Chung, Ngai's Brother (as Andrew Lien)

Kara Wai

Hau's Sister (as Ying Hung Wai)

Chi-Keung Wan

Superintendent Leung (as Wan Chi Keung)

Chaucharew Wichai

Paul (as Chan Charoen Wichai)

Xiao Hai


Kelly Fu


William Wai-Lun Duen

Sergeant Chan (as William Tuen)

Jonathan Wing Hong Cheung

Billy (as Wing Hong Cheung)

Roderick Lam

Father Kwun's Bodyguard

Loi-Kwan Kam

Father Kwun's Bodyguard (as Kam Loi Kwan)

Chung Ka Lung

Father Kwun's Bodyguard

Fu Wah Lam

Hau's Button Man #1

Yui Sang Wong

Hau's Button Man #2

Chi-Ho Chu

Hau's Button Man #3

Tiffany Cheung

Killer at Nightclub

Ken Ling

Killer at Restaurant

Tony Tai

Killer at HiFi Shop (as Tony Ho Fai Tai)

Siu-Kwan Chan

Killer at Lift Lobby

Roger Lee

Killer on Motorbike (as Roger Li)

Lau-fai Lo

Killer in Thailand

Vincent Chi Mo Chun

OCTB Constable #1 (as Vincent Mo Chun Chi)

Kin-Yung Tsang

OCTB Constable #2 (as Tenny Kin Yung Tseng)

Pui-Sai Cheung

OCTB Constable #3

Frank Michael Liu

OCTB Constable #4 (as Frank Liu)

Man Shing Wong

OCTB Constable #5

Yuk-San Cheung

OCTB Constable #6 (as Simon Yuk Sun Cheung)

Tai-Wo Tang

Sam's Button Man #1 (as Tang Tai Wo)

Chan Kam Pui

Sam's Button Man #2

Anthony Carpio

Sam's Button Man #3

Kwok-Kit Lam

Sam's Button Man #4 (as Kwok Kit Lam)

Ken Chu

Gandhi's Button Man #1

Mei-Shing Chow

Gandhi's Button Man #2 (as Chi Shing Chow)

Fu Kwok Ho

Gandhi's Button Man #3

Ho Ka Ming

Gandhi's Button Man #4

Kim Ming Chan

Negro's Button Man #1

Kwok Wai Cheng

Negro's Button Man #2

Yiu Kai Tung

Negro's Button Man #3 (as Richard Kai Tung Yiu)

Lau Tung Ching

Negro's Button Man #4

Siu-Ming Lui

Wah's Button Man #1 (as Siu Ming Lui)

Cash Lee

Wah's Button Man #2 (as Chi Keung Lee)

Peter Lee

Wah's Button Man #3

Cheung Yiu Kwong

Wah's Button Man #4

Li Wai Ming

Ching's Button Man #1

Cheng Kai Chung

Ching's Button Man #2

Wai Yin Tse

Ching's Button Man #3

Wong Chun Lam

Ching's Button Man #4

Lai Wai Tak

Uncle John's Button Man #1

Shu-Wing Ho

Uncle John's Button Man #2

Ricardo Mamood-Vega

Private Investigator #1 (as Ricardo Mamood)

Brandon Rhea

Private Investigator

Chun-Luk Chan

Kwun's Wife (as Auntie Luk)

Bik Yan Lam

Hau's Wife

Eva Wong

Yee's Wife

Georgina Chan

Hau's Daugher

Ting-Fung Li

Boy with Funny Face (as Ken Ting Fung Li)

Hoi-man Yau

Gandhi's Wife (as Anna Yiu)

Carmen Cheung

Negro's Wife

Qingyu Yan

Wah's Wife (as Qing Yu Yan)

Ann Ng

Ching's Wife

Kwok Yuk Keung

Superintendent #1

Chi Keung Chow

Superintendent #2

Brian Ireland

Superintendent #3

Derek Skinner

Superintendent #4

Bey Logan

Inspector Calvin

Tung-Lit Mui

Noodle Shop Owner (as Tung Lit Mui)

Siu-Kei Chu

Gandhi's Button Man #5

Andrew Lau


Alan Mak


Alan Mak


Felix Chong

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