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Barbie & The Diamond Castle(2008)


Family/Musical/Fantasy/Animation · 1h 19m · 9/9/2008

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Join best friends in a musical fairy tale.


Barbie and Teresa tell us the fairy tale story of Liana and Alexa, best friends who share everything including their love of music. One day their simple lives change when they are given an enchanted mirror and befriend the girl trapped inside! To save their new friend, Liana and Alexa embark on a dangerous journey to hidden Diamond Castle that will put their friendship to the test. But through the power of song and with the companionship of two adorable puppies, the girls face their challenges together and learn that friendship is the true treasure.






United States

Production Companies

Mattel, Rainmaker Entertainment

Where to Watch

Person Photo

Kelly Sheridan

Barbie / Liana (voice)
Person Photo

Melissa Lyons

Barbie / Liana (singing voice)
Person Photo

Cassidy Ladden

Teresa / Alexa (voice)
Person Photo

Chantal Strand

Stacie (voice)
Person Photo

Maryke Hendrikse

Melody (voice)
Person Photo

Lara Janine

Melody (singing voice)
Person Photo

Mark Acheson

Slyder (voice)
Person Photo

Kathleen Barr

Lydia (voice)
Person Photo

Michael Dobson

Innkeeper (voice)
Person Photo

Heather Doerksen

Phaedra / Waitress (voice)
Person Photo

Jeremy From

Jeremy (voice)
Person Photo

Ron Halder

Butler (voice)
Person Photo

Noel Johansen

Ian (voice)
Person Photo

Scott McNeil

Troll (voice)
Person Photo

Nicole Oliver

Dori / Maid (voice)
Person Photo

Veena Sood

Sparkles / Lily (voice)
Person Photo

Linda Sorenson

Old Woman (voice)
Person Photo

Gino Nichele

Person Photo

Cliff Ruby

Disc Releases
Disc Title Front Cover

Barbie & The Diamond Castle (DVD)

Disc Title Front Cover

Barbie and the Diamond Castle (DVD)

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