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Pride and Glory (2008)


Drama/Crime/Suspense/Thriller · 2h 5m · 9/10/2008

Truth. Honor. Loyalty. Family. What Are You Willing To Sacrifice?


Truth. Honor. Loyalty. Family. What Are You Willing To Sacrifice? Four cops down: two dead, two likely. An NYPD drug bust has gone horribly wrong, and Detective Ray Tierney heads the investigating task force. He already has ties to the case. His brother was commander of the ambushed officers. His brother in law, a fellow officer, often partnered with them. The more Ray uncovers, the more those family ties are tested. And the more the fraternal order starts to fray. Edward Norton, Colin Farrell, Jon Voight and Noah Emmerich star in a gritty, tension-packed tale of a multigenerational family of cops facing hard realities and tough choices. Set and filmed in Manhattan's Washington Heights, Pride And Glory draws you into a grippingly raw real world... and into a house divided.




English, Language_Español


United States, Germany

Production Companies

New Line Cinema, Solaris, O'Connor Brothers, Avery Pix, Kumar Mobiliengesellschaft mbH & Co. Projekt Nr. 1 KG





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Colin Farrell

Jimmy Egan

Edward Norton

Ray Tierney

Jon Voight

Francis Tierney, Sr.

Noah Emmerich

Francis Tierney, Jr.

Jennifer Ehle

Abby Tierney

John Ortiz

Ruben Santiago

Frank Grillo

Eddie Carbone

Shea Whigham

Kenny Dugan

Lake Bell

Megan Egan

Carmen Ejogo


Manny Perez

Coco Dominguez

Wayne Duvall

Bill Avery

Ramon Rodriguez

Angel Tezo

Rick Gonzalez

Eladio Casado

Maximiliano Hernández

Carlos Bragon (as Maximiliano Hernandez)

Leslie Denniston

Maureen Tierney

Hannah Riggins

Caitlin Tierney

Carmen LoPorto

Francis Tierney (as Carmen Lo Porto)

Lucy Grace Ellis

Bailey Tierney

Ryan Simpkins

Shannon Egan

Ty Simpkins

Matthew Egan

Flaco Navaja

Tookie Brackett

Raquel Jordan

Lisette Rivera

José Ramón Rosario

Mayor Arthur Caffey (as Jose Ramon Rosario)

Christopher Michael Holley

Detective Miller

Jason Rodriguez

Corner Store Owner

Jessica Pimentel

Angelique Domenguez

Popa Wu

Reverend Farraud

Nikkole Salter

Trish Mercer

David Pinon

Bodega Owner (as David Piñón)

Lissette Espaillat

Bodega Owner's Wife (as Lisette Espaillat)

Francisco Burgos

Bodega Boy

Sekhar Chandra

Dr. Khomar

Cuba Libre

Dominican Thug

Gabriel Lopez

Dominican Thug

Bill McHugh


Robert P. Alongi

Captain Lavier

Bo Eason

Investigator Lieberthal

Howard W. Overshown

Investigator Duerson (as Howard Overshown)

Peter Moog

NYPD Head Coach Kowalski

Edward Gardner

NYPD Offensive Coordinator

Kenneth Pepe

NYPD Defensive Coordinator

James Cavanagh Burke

Detroit Metro Coach

Richie Thorton

Detroit Metro Assistant Coach

John Comer

NYPD Football Player

Thomas Pilkington

Duty Captain Banks

Glenn E. Cunningham


Stephen A. DiSchiavi


William McNeely


Rick Tirelli

DEA Representative

Jamie McShane

Lieutenant Fricker

John Mariano

Task Force Lieutenant

Robert Hopes

Task Force Detective

Jim O'Neill

Task Force Detective

Eddie Molina

Uniform Cop

Karl Bury

Patrol Sergeant

Sean Gavigan

Patrol Cop

Christina Cabot

Patrol Cop

Sal DiGiovani

Crime Scene Cop

Tom Pelligrino

Crime Scene Cop

Nancy McCabe

Crime Scene Cop

Bill McKinney

Crime Scene Cop

Joseph Roman

Crime Scene Cop

Kubrat Hristoff

Crime Scene Cop

William Geiger

Crime Scene Cop

Keith Fallon

Crime Scene Cop

Craig Garland

Crime Scene Cop

Steve Benvegna

Crime Scene Cop

Carl Bocker

Crime Scene Cop

Tim Byrne

Crime Scene Cop

Gerald M. Kline

Desk Lieutenant

William Clemente

Arresting Police Officer

Joe Blozis

Crime Scene Detective (as Joseph Blozis)

Tom Nonnon


Scott Dillin

Police Officer Dillin (as Scotty Dillin)

Nicoye Banks

Lonnie Mercer

Denia Brache

Domenguez Mother

Roz Abrams

TV News Anchor

Sandra Endo

News Reporter

Dick Brennan

News Reporter Dehaven

Dominic Carter


Yanko Perez


Sujeilee Candele

Girl in Bar (as Sujeilee Ramos)

Michael Angelo Ortiz

Thug Kid

Juan Lopez

Thug Kid

Argelis Parra

Thug Kid

Miguel Ventura

Thug Kid

Billy Joe Marrero

Thug Kid

Sean Dougherty


Tammy Tunyavongs

Dugan's Wife

Jaime N. Garcia

Paramedic (as Jaime Garcia)

Darren E. Johnson

Doctor (as Darren Johnson)

Pablo Gonzalez

Dominican Perp (as Pablo 'International P' Gonzalez)

Louise G. Colón

Woman on Stairs

Cecilia Riddett

Bragon Receptionist (as Cecelia Riddett)

Tony Rhune

Arvell 'Amp' Poines

Andrew Rogers


Luis Da Silva Jr.

Dominican Bodega Customer (as Luis 'Trikz' Da Silva Jr.)

David Boston

Fan at Football Game (uncredited)

Kevin Cannon

Bar Thug (uncredited)

Gavin O'Connor


Joe Carnahan


Gavin O'Connor


Greg O'Connor


Robert Hopes


Declan Quinn


Mark Isham


Lisa Zeno Churgin


John Gilroy


Dan Leigh


Greg O'Connor

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