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Parker (2013)


Action/Crime/Suspense/Thriller · 1h 58m · 1/25/2013

To get away clean, you have to play dirty.


Parker (Jason Statham) is a professional thief who lives by a personal code of ethics: Don't steal from people who can't afford it and don't hurt people who don't deserve it. But on his latest heist, his crew double-crosses him, steals his stash, and leaves him for dead. Determined to make them regret it, Parker tracks them to Palm Beach - playground of the rich and famous - where the crew is planning their biggest heist ever. Donning the disguise of a rich Texan, Parker takes on an unlikely partner: Leslie (Jennifer Lopez), a savvy insider who's short on cash but big on looks, smarts, and ambition. Together, they devise a plan to hijack the score, take everyone down and get away clean. Also starring Michael Chiklis.






United States

Production Companies

Incentive Filmed Entertainment, Sierra / Affinity, Alexander/ Mitchell Productions, Current Entertainment, Sidney Kimmel Entertainment, Anvil Films





Where to Watch


Patti LuPone


Jason Statham


Jennifer Lopez

Leslie Rodgers

Michael Chiklis


Wendell Pierce


Aly Ginsberg

Vacationing Woman

Jeffrey Donnelly

Auction Security Guard

Shawn Genther

Security Guard (uncredited)

Rod Grant

Auction Patron (uncredited)

Emily D. Haley

Fair Goer (uncredited)

Rodney Hebert

Pedestrian (uncredited)

Randy Herman

Undercover Security (uncredited)

Aaryn Jayden

Ohio State Fair Attendee (uncredited)

Brooke Fry

Beauty Pageant Contestant #22 (uncredited)

John C. Klein

Ohio State Trooper J. Moran (uncredited)

Avery Edward Landry

Boy on Bike (uncredited)

John Archer Lundgren

VIP Confronting Security (uncredited)

Robb Maus

Elegant Guest (uncredited)

Carlee Miller

Elegant Guest (uncredited)

Diezel Ramos

Prison Guard (uncredited)

Ty Copeman

Chauffeur (uncredited)

Alexandra Cullen

Ohio State Fair Patron (uncredited)

Jami Cullen

Woman in Floppy Hat (uncredited)

Brandon Acosta

Younger Country boy (uncredited)

Rudy Saint Cyr

Police Officer (uncredited)

Glen Warner

Man on Cell Phone (uncredited)

Joseph Velez

Hotel Patron (uncredited)

Carlos Retana Jr.

Document Printer (uncredited)

Tom Riska

Multi-Millionaire (uncredited)

Michael Patrick Rogers


Ross Rouillier

Ohio State Fair Patron (uncredited)

Lauren Seibert

Beauty Pageant Contestant (uncredited)

Deanna Sherman

Ohio State Fair Patron #2 (uncredited)

Daniel Vincent

Ohio State Fair Patron (uncredited)

Gaynelle W. Sloman

Beauty Pageant Judge (uncredited)

Terry Lee Smith

Club Goer (uncredited)

Michelle Torres

Neighbor (uncredited)

Mark Troy

Security Guard (uncredited)

Donny Tucker

Security Guard (uncredited)

Lawrence Turner

Actor (uncredited)

John Vanis II

Private Security Gaurd (uncredited)

John L. Smith Jr.

Wealthy Guest (uncredited)

Carlos Carrasco


Troy Davis

Panicked Fairgoer (uncredited)

Wade Guthrie

Ohio State Fair Patron (uncredited)

Kirk Baltz

Bobby Hardwicke

Earl Maddox


James Carraway

Hospital Patient Quinn

Sharon Landry

Jen Hurley

Alyshia Ochse


Madeline Marks

Ohio State Fair Little Girl

Rio Hackford


Kip Gilman


Randy Rousseau

Newscaster #2 (as Randi Rousseau)

Eamon Sheehan

Norte's Office Bad Guy #1

Chuck Picerni Jr.

Norte's Office Bad Guy #2 (as Chuck Picerni)

Felipe Savahge

Norte's Office Bad Guy #3

Mark Drath


Peter Haig


Travers Mackel

Newscaster #1

Sheralyn Graise

Beauty Contestant Judge / Fair Attendee (uncredited)

Sala Baker


Joel Thingvall

Auctioneer (uncredited)

Rankin Hickman

Accountant (uncredited)

Jacquelyn Twodat Jackson

Store patron (uncredited)

Duke Jones

Gang member Charlie (uncredited)

Julie Ann Jones

Physician (uncredited)

Allyson Leigh Jordan

Ohio State Fair Patron (uncredited)

R.C. Keene

Old guy in French Quarter (uncredited)

Will Wood

Extra (uncredited)

Samantha Kelly

Reporter (uncredited)

Tommy Lentsch

Florist (uncredited)

Erik Luna

State Fair Patron (uncredited)

Amanda Miller

Beauty Pageant Contestant (uncredited)

Daniel Saah

Real Estate Broker (uncredited)

Andrew j Spinks

Dead Danzinger Bodyguard (uncredited)

Chad Stevens

Security Guard (uncredited)

Philip Krinsky

Ohio State Fair Patron (uncredited)

Andrea R. Perry

Ohio State Fair Crowd Member (uncredited)

Daniel Bernhardt


Billy Slaughter

Ohio State Fair Security Guard Ben

Carl J. Walker

Ohio State Fair Accounts Manager (as Carl Walker)

Derek Cecil

Assistant to Mrs. Fritz

Kenneth Brown Jr.

Hospital Orderly

Larry Tausch

Square Dance Caller

Nick Nolte


Ken Massey

Ohio State Trooper

Mary Stieffel

James' Wife

Mark Joyce

Delivery Man

Noelle Wilcox

Realty Receptionist

Carlos A. Marquez

Hotel Employee

Carlos Anico


Brandy Theis

Pageant Director

John Wilmot

Man in Coffee Shop

Mike Watson

Sheriff on Boat (as Michael Watson)

Emma Booth


Bobby Cannavale

Jake Fernandez

Clifton Collins Jr.


Christopher Berry

Parking Attendant (uncredited)

Elton LeBlanc

Sunbather (uncredited)

Brian Oerly

Bouncer 3 (uncredited)

Mark Konrad

Auction Guest (uncredited)

Pearce Blair

Vacationing Man

Blake French

Police Officer (uncredited)

Adrienne Esteen

State Fair Attendee (uncredited)

Danny Epper

Bouncer (as Daniel Epper)

Michelle Stafford

Phyllis Summers

Joshua Morrow

Nicholas Newman



Beth Blevins

Ohio State Fair Accountant (uncredited)

Vanessa Aranegui

Caterer (uncredited)

Robert Freeman

Ohio State Fair Patron (uncredited)

Chelsi Archambeau

High Society Ball Guest (uncredited)

Angela Austin

High Society Ball Guest (uncredited)

Bruce Bishop

Pool Customer (uncredited)/County Fair Cook (uncredited)

Tom Bubrig

Real Estate Broker (uncredited)

Gail Byer

Boca Resort Guest (uncredited)

Haylie Creppel

Little Girl in Pool (uncredited)

Omar Elkalyoubie

Valet (uncredited)

Faith Archambeau

High Society Ball Guest (uncredited)

Jolene Perez

Auction Guest (uncredited)

Maureen Solomon

Mrs. Fritz

Mike Wiatrak

Wealthy Guest (uncredited)

Tacey Willis

Beauty Pageant Contestant #7 (uncredited)

Micah Hauptman

August Hardwicke

Jon Eyez


Charleigh Bryant-Stelly

Bonnie (as Charleigh Harmon)

Becca Marks

Ohio State Fair Mother (as Rebecca Marks)

Christian Wells

Pageant Contestant #11 (uncredited)

Alfonso Del Rosario

Palm Beach Fireman

Tanya Christiansen

Auction Patron (uncredited)

Emily Church

Beauty Pageant Contestant (uncredited)

James Michael Cooper

Fair Patron (uncredited)

John Newkirk

Beauty Pageant Judge (uncredited)

John J. McLaughlin


David Buckley


J. Michael Muro


Jonathan Mitchell


Les Alexander


Matthew H. Rowland


Steve Chasman


Taylor Hackford


Taylor Hackford

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