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Le Samouraï (1967)


Drama/Crime/Suspense/Thriller · 1h 41m · 10/25/1967

Things suddenly go badly for a successful French assassin


Alain Delon stars, as Jeff Costello is an assassin who lives a solitary life with no friends. Costello begins his new assignment stealing a car, obtaining new license plates and a gun from his associate. He then drives to a nightclub at night and shoots the owner, accidentally being seen by the club pianist Valerie (Cathy Rosier). The police pick up Costello and with the investigation led by a determined Police Inspector (Francois Perier), subject him and many others to a line up. Costello is released because he has set up an alibi with Jan Lagrange (Natalie Delon), and also because Valerie lies and states that she did not see him. When Costello goes to collect his money for killing the club owner, his employer attempts to kill him. Police Inspector (Francois Perier) puts together a team of undercover cops to trail Costello through the Paris Metro, an underground labyrinth where Costello escapes. Costello thus seeks to get paid for his killing job and get revenge on the shadowy businessman who hired him, and stay one step ahead of the police Inspector but makes a decision that brings about surprising results.






France, Italy

Production Company

Compagnie Industrielle et Commerciale Cinématographique (CICC)



Where to Watch


Alain Delon

Jef Costello

François Périer

Le Commissaire

Nathalie Delon

Jane Lagrange

Cathy Rosier

La pianiste (as Caty Rosier)

Jacques Leroy

L'homme de la passerelle

Michel Boisrond


Robert Favart

Le barman

Jean-Pierre Posier

Olivier Rey

Catherine Jourdan

La jeune fille du vestiaire

Roger Fradet

1er inspecteur

Carlo Nell

2ème inspecteur

Robert Rondo

3ème inspecteur

André Salgues

Le garagiste

André Thorent

Policier - chauffeur de taxi

Jacques Deschamps

Policier speaker

Georges Casati


Jacques Léonard

Garcia (as Jack Léonard)

Pierre Vaudier

1er Policier de la visite nocturne

Maurice Magalon

2ème Policier de la visite nocturne

Gaston Meunier

Maître d'hôtel

Jean Gold

1er client Night-Club

Georges Billy

2ème client Night-Club

Ari Aricardi

Un joueur de poker

Guy Bonnafoux

Un joueur de poker (as Bonnafoux)

Humberto Catalano

Un inspecteur (as Catalano)

Carl Lechner

Sosie Jef

Maria Maneva

La jeune fille au chewing-gum

Maurice Auzel

Un homme menotte au commissariat (uncredited)

Jean-Pierre Melville


Joan McLeod


Jean-Pierre Melville


Georges Pellegrin

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