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Now You See Me (2013)


Suspense/Thriller/Crime · 2h 5m · 9/4/2013



In this visually spectacular blend of astonishing illusions and exhilarating action from director Louis Leterrier (Clash Of The Titans), four talented magicians mesmerize and international audience with a series of bold and original heists, all the while pursuing a hidden agenda that has the FBI and Interpol scrambling to anticipate their next move.

Release Country

United States



Release Date


Media Type




Digital Copy

UltraViolet HD


Summit Entertainment



Video Format


Aspect Ratio


Cover Type

CoverTypeKeep Case (HD Slim, Low) , Slip Cover


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Now You See Me


Jesse Eisenberg

J. Daniel Atlas

Mark Ruffalo

Dylan Rhodes

Woody Harrelson

Merritt McKinney

Isla Fisher

Henley Reeves

Dave Franco

Jack Wilder

Mélanie Laurent

Alma Dray

Morgan Freeman

Thaddeus Bradley

Michael Caine

Arthur Tressler

Michael Kelly

Agent Fuller (as Michael J. Kelly)



David Warshofsky


José Garcia

Etienne Forcier

Jessica Lindsey

Hermia (as Jessica C. Lindsey)

Caitriona Balfe

Jasmine Tressler

Stephanie Honoré

Atlas Groupie

Stanley Wong

MGM Grand Usher

Laura Cayouette

Hypnotized Woman

Douglas M. Griffin

Hypnotized Man (as Doug M. Griffin)

Adam Shapiro

Jack's Pick-Pocket Victim

J. LaRose

Willy Mears (as J Larose)

Justine Wachsberger

Paris Bank Manager

Christian Gazio

Armored Truck Driver

Benoit Cransac

Armored Truck Guard

Conan O'Brien

Conan O'Brien

Samantha Beaulieu

Mobile Command Tech Agent

Odessa Feaster

Josepha Hickey (as Odessa Sykes)

Shannon Hand

Dina Robertson (as Shannon Maris)

Nicki Daniels

Savoy Audience Member

Wendy Miklovic

Dylan's Tackler

Brad Abrell


Randy Rousseau

New Orleans TV Reporter (as Randi Rousseau)

Hunter Burke

Sazerac Bartender

Brian Tucker

FBI Agent Baskin

Teddy Cañez

FBI Lead Ground Agent (as Teddy Canez)

Joe Chrest

Elkhorn Janitor Agent

Kerry Cahill

Elkhorn Agent

Diego Miró

Dylan (12 Yrs Old) (as Diego Miro)

Adella Gautier

Marie Claire (as Adella Gauthier)

Han Soto

Mobile Command Leader

Jaren Mitchell

Henley's Frat Boy #1

Scott Shilstone

Henley's Frat Boy #2

Zac Waggener

Henley's Frat Boy #3

Caleb Michaelson

Henley's Frat Boy #4

Anthony Molinari

FBI Truck Driver

Griff Furst

Stethoscope Agent

Katheryn Swann

FBI Investigator #1

Kevin Roy

FBI Investigator #2

Kenneth Herrington

FBI Investigator #3

Andy Ryan

Tressler Bodyguard #1

Erik Blake

Tressler Bodyguard #2

Tarek Isham

Singer / Musician #1

Alynda Lee Segarra

Singer / Musician #2 (as Alynda Segarra)

Cathrine Cavazos

Singer / Musician #3

Sam Doores

Singer / Musician #4

Catherine Kim Poon

Chinese Tenant (as Catherine Poon)

Michael Hartson

Lead Officer 5 Pointz

Rhonda Floyd Aguillard

Mardi Gras Pedestrian (uncredited)

Lonnie Alex

Cocktail Waitress (uncredited)

Lauren Alexandra

Hot Girl #2 (uncredited)

John L. Armijo

EMT (uncredited)

Jon Ash

Magic Show Guest (uncredited)

Craig Austin

FBI Agent (uncredited)

Robert Bagnell

Announcer (uncredited)

Carl Bailey

NSA Agent (uncredited)

Rex Baker

FBI Swat (uncredited)

Bruce Bishop

Magic Show Guest (uncredited)

Beth Blevins

Main Magic Show Audience (uncredited)

Brian Blu

Arresting FBI Agent (uncredited)

Michael Bower

FBI Agent (uncredited)

Heather Ashley Boyd

Audience (uncredited)

Joshua Braud

Josh (uncredited)

Roger Brenner

Pedestrian (uncredited)

Matthew P. Brown

Four Horsemen Fan (uncredited)

Chris Browning

Cell Phone Guy (uncredited)

Tom Bubrig

FBI Guard (uncredited)

Teena Byrd

Member of the 5 Pointz Crowd (uncredited)

Robin Lee Canode

Magic Show Guest (uncredited)

Grant Case

FBI Agent (uncredited)

Joseph Randy Causin

Mardi Gras (uncredited)

Kenny Chin

Chinese Tenant #2 (uncredited)

Patty Chong

Gambler / Precision Driver (uncredited)

Joshua A. Cohen

FBI Agent (uncredited)

Robyn A. Cole

FBI SWAT Agent #1 (uncredited)

Christopher Matthew Cook

Actor (uncredited)

Tony Costa

FBI Agent (uncredited)

Raymond Delaune

FBI Agent (uncredited)

Michelle DeVito

Audience Member (uncredited)

Javier Diaz

News Helicopter Pilot (uncredited)

Lucien Eisenach

Magic Show Spectator (uncredited)


Rabbi Elli (uncredited)

Lalaine Fabi

Magic Show Spectator (uncredited)

Rene Fabre

Audience Member MGM (uncredited)

Joseph Fischer

Swat Team (uncredited)

Billy Fitzpatrick Jr.

Magic Show Guest (uncredited)

Dudley Fuqua

Detective (uncredited)

William G. Gil

Secret Service (uncredited)

Gloria Gonnillini

Audience Member at Magic Show (uncredited)

Carlos Ramónne Graham

Bank Account Increase at Magic Show (uncredited)

Paul Gunawan

FBI Agent (uncredited)

Russell M. Haeuser

Audience Member (uncredited)

Emily D. Haley

Cafe Patron (uncredited)

Jonathan Haltiwanger

Four Horseman Fan (uncredited)

Julie Hardin

Audience Member (uncredited)

Pennie-Marie Hawkins

Mardi Gras (uncredited)

Rodney Hebert

Airline Passenger / Magic Show Guest (uncredited)

Timothy Hinrichs

College Kid at Magic Show (uncredited)

Charles Hunt

Spectator (new orleans) (uncredited)

Nereida Isufi

Supporting (uncredited)

Jacquelyn Twodat Jackson

Featured audience member (uncredited)

Mark Joyce

Vegas High Roller (uncredited)

Sara Kenley

Sorority Girl (uncredited)

John C. Klein

FBI Agent (uncredited)

James Knight

Yuppie (uncredited)

Elias Koteas

Lionel Shrike (uncredited)

Kirk Krogstad

Casino Gambler (uncredited)

Raven Krogstad

Casino Gambler (uncredited)

Alex Kruz

Cowan FBI SWAT Team Leader (uncredited)

Robert Larriviere

House Manager (uncredited)

De'Cha LaVeau

FBI Agent (uncredited)

Cynthia LeBlanc

Airline Passenger (uncredited)

Elton LeBlanc

Airline Passenger (uncredited)

Lex Lewis

Horseman Show Attendent (uncredited)

Lucinda Lewis

News Reporter NYC (uncredited)

Juliet Reeves London

Airline Passenger (uncredited)

Cj. Mackey

Hitchman (uncredited)

Antoine Manceaux

NYC Water Taxi Passenger (uncredited)

David Joseph Martinez

F.B.I. Driver (uncredited)

Randy Masters

Manhattan FBI Agent (uncredited)

Chris McKnight

Fireman (uncredited)

Allen Merritt

Golden Gate Casino Patron (uncredited)

Starlette Miariaunii

Concert Goer (uncredited)

Michael Monteiro

Casino Guest (uncredited)

Nick Mortillaro

Audience member, stagehand, usher, & street goer (uncredited)

Jason Novak

Las Vegas Audience Extra (uncredited)

Jeffery Nowell

Magic Show Attendee (uncredited)

Gil O'Brien

FBI Agent (uncredited)

Dorit Oitzinger

News Team Member (uncredited)

Gustavo I. Ortiz

FBI Agent (uncredited)

Franklin La Paz

Magic Show Crowd (uncredited)

Bob Pepper

Gambler (uncredited)

Roy Pollack

News Reporter (uncredited)

Philippe Radelet

NYC Magic Show Patron (uncredited)

Steve Rally

FBI Officer (uncredited)

Billy Rawls

Airline Passenger (uncredited)

Christine Craft Regusa

Magic Show Audience Member (uncredited)

Gus Rhodes

FBI Agent (uncredited)

Marcus Deshaun Richardson

Audience member (uncredited)

Joan Riegert

Casino Guest (uncredited)

Eva Rivera-Ferrell

The Four Horsemen Audience (uncredited)

Katherine Jeanie Russell

Mardi Gras (uncredited)

Megan Rutherford

Theater Patron (uncredited)

Met Salih

Audience Football Player (uncredited)

Chaz Dray Schoenbeck

Extra (uncredited)

John Schumacher

Magic Show Guest (uncredited)

Annette Doucet Sharpe

Magic Show Guest (uncredited)

Ilya Shavteli

Press (uncredited)

Delia Sheppard

FBI Agent / High Roller (uncredited)

Shawn Shillingford

Magic Show Spectator (uncredited)

Carl Singleton

Prison Guard (uncredited)

Chaz Smith

MGM Spectator (uncredited)

Terry Lee Smith

Airline Passenger (uncredited)

Jim Sojka

FBI Agent (uncredited)

Andrew j Spinks

FBI Agent (uncredited)

Jean Sulli

Ticket Checker (uncredited)

Janelle Tedesco

FBI Agent (uncredited)

Jennifer Thall

Casino Robbery Supporter (uncredited)

Michelle Torres

Magic Show Guest (uncredited)

Joshua Tran

FBI agent (uncredited)

Joseph Uzzell

Audience Member (uncredited)

Barbara Vincent

Jack's Pick-Pocket Victim (uncredited)

Daniel Vincent

Magic Show Audience Member (uncredited)

Richard 'Bumper' Walker

S.W.A.T. Team (uncredited)

Douglas Wilcox II

Cop (uncredited)

Myles William

Show Attendee (uncredited)

Christina Michelle Williams

Horseman Fan (uncredited)

Skyler Wilson

Audience Member (uncredited)

Jacob Wingfield

Magic Show Guest (uncredited)

Timothy Wyant

Guy Fleeing Cops (uncredited)

Louis Leterrier


Ed Solomon


Boaz Yakin


Edward Ricourt


Boaz Yakin

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