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American Hustle (2013)


Drama/Crime · 2h 18m · 3/19/2014



A fictional film set in the alluring world of one of the most stunning scandals to rock our nation, American Hustle tells the story of brilliant con man Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale), who along with his equally cunning and seductive British partner Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams) is forced to work for a wild FBI agent Richie DiMaso (Bradley Cooper). DiMaso pushes them into a world of Jersey powerbrokers and mafia that's as dangerous as it is enchanting. Jeremy Renner is Carmine Polito, the passionate, volatile, New Jersey political operator caught between the con-artists and Feds. Irving's unpredictable wife Rosalyn (Jennifer Lawrence) could be the one to pull the thread that brings the entire world crashing down. Like David O. Russell's previous films (The Fighter, Silver Linings Playbook), American Hustle defies genre, hinging on raw emotion, and life and death stakes.

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United States



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Digital Copy

Not Included


Columbia Pictures/Annapurna Pictures/Atlas Entertainment/Sony/Sony Pictures Home Entertainment



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CoverTypeKeep Case (HD Slim, Low) , Slip Cover


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Christian Bale

Irving Rosenfeld

Bradley Cooper

Richie DiMaso

Amy Adams

Sydney Prosser

Jeremy Renner

Mayor Carmine Polito

Jennifer Lawrence

Rosalyn Rosenfeld

Louis C.K.

Stoddard Thorsen

Jack Huston

Pete Musane

Michael Peña

Paco Hernandez / Sheik Abdullah

Shea Whigham

Carl Elway

Alessandro Nivola

Anthony Amado

Elisabeth Röhm

Dolly Polito (as Elisabeth Rohm)

Paul Herman

Alfonse Simone

Saïd Taghmaoui

Irv's Sheik Plant (as Said Taghmaoui)

Matthew Russell

Dominic Polito

Thomas Matthews

Francis Polito

Adrian Martinez


Anthony Zerbe

Senator Horton Mitchell

Colleen Camp


Steve Gagliastro

Agent Schmidt

Christopher Tarjan

Agent Stock (as Chris Tarjan)

Zachariah Supka

Young Irv

Christy Scott Cashman

Cosmo Interview Girl (as Christy Cashman)

Simon Hamlin


Martie Barylick


Dawn Olivieri

Cosmo Girl

Becki Dennis


Jay Giannone

Suburban Businessman

Arthur Birnbaum

Queens Businessman

Rob DiNinni

Desperate Businessman

Michael Fennimore

Car Salesman

Jack Jones

Jazz Quartet Singer

Danny Corbo

Danny Rosenfeld (as Dante Corbo)

Sonny Corbo

Danny Rosenfeld (as Santino Corbo)

Bo Cleary

FBI Agent #1

Greg Maxwell

FBI Agent #2

Mickey O'Keefe

FBI Agent #3

Aaron Flanders

Elway's Friend

Erica McDermott

Carl Elway's Assistant

Alura Carbrey

Elizabeth Polito

Kayla Feeney

Lorna Polito

Shannon Halliday

Doreen Polito

Volieda Webb


Patsy Meck

Richie's Mother

Abby Lavin

Richie's Girlfriend

Damien Di Paola

Baron Owner (as Damien DiPaola)

Paul Campbell

Baron's Patron

Jeff Avigian

Disco Dancer

Stacy Hock

Girl Outside Stall

Michael Trigg

Baron's Manager

Richard Heneks

Al Kalowski

Ted Zalewski


Elias Birnbaum

Carpenter Apprentice

Armen Garo

Dick Helsing

Sal DiMino

Lou Salvano

Gary Craig

Jerry Catone

Barry Primus

Tellegio's Consigliere

Sonny Gordon

Tellegio's Consigliere

Deva Mahal

Funk Band Singer

Dicky Eklund Jr.

Street Thug #1 (as Dicky Eklund Jr.)

Sean Eklund

Street Thug #2

Charley Broderick

Rep. John O'Connell (as Charlie Broderick)

Richard Donelly

Rep. Sanders (as Richard Donnelly)

Gary Zahakos

Congressman Keshoygan

Frank Geraci

Simone's Gang #1

Melson Alford

Simone's Gang #2

Melissa McMeekin

Simone's Gang #3

JJ Wright

Divorce Lawyer

Bob Taraschi

Rep. Stelford

Giovanni Alabiso

Captain at Pool Party (uncredited)

Kilo Alexander

Vietnam Vet (uncredited)

Jacqueline Astbury

Airline Passenger (uncredited)

Stephanie Atkinson

Prosecutor Amato's Secretary (uncredited)

Jamie Lea Babineau

Studio 54 patron (uncredited)

Kt Baldassaro

Casino Patron (uncredited)

Gregory Barbon

Senator (uncredited)

Marshall Berenson

FBI Special Agent (uncredited)

Gavin Maddox Bergman

Boy in Stroller (uncredited)

Steve Bertorelli

Pedestrian (uncredited)

Clinton Blackburn

Pool partygoer (uncredited)

Ronald Boone

Party Guest (uncredited)

David Boston

Restaurant Patron (uncredited)

D. Patrick Bowles

Restaurant Patron (uncredited)

Jim Boyd

Politician (uncredited)

Paul Bronk

NYPD Detail Cop (uncredited)

Joshua Brown

Nightclub Attendent (uncredited)

Rick Burtt

Arresting FBI Agent (uncredited)

Christopher Butler

Carmine Polito's Adopted Son (uncredited)

Emma Cavalier

Blonde Girl (uncredited)

Chemi Che-Mponda

Pool Party Guest (uncredited)

Bruce Chester

FBI Agent (uncredited)

Ellen Collins

Party Girl (uncredited)

Guy Cooper

Politician (uncredited)

Monique Coppola

Casino Patron (uncredited)

Jeffrey Corazzini

Photographer (uncredited)

Christopher Coulouras

Bank Patron (uncredited)

Samantha Creed

Hipster (uncredited)

Tiffany Crosby

Well Wisher (uncredited)

Naysa Kaira DaSilva

Student (uncredited)

Robert de Niro

Victor Tellegio (uncredited)

Tess Degen

Reporter (uncredited)

Leslie Diana

Pool Party Girl (uncredited)

Bob Dio

Bar and Late Night Guest (uncredited)

Aaron Dorsey

Disco Patron (uncredited)

Timothy DuBois

Strip Club Contractor (uncredited)

Michele Egerton

Extra (uncredited)

Larry Eudene

Mayor's Friend (uncredited)

Brian Faherty

Stocky FBI Agent (uncredited)

Mark Falvo

Reporter (uncredited)

Meagan Lee Farrell

Pedestrian (uncredited)

Monica Farrington

Irving's Mom in 1948 Flashback (uncredited)

Andres Faucher

Don Hirxel (uncredited)

Charlie Flannery

Casino Patron (uncredited)

Jimmy Flynn

Punk on Street Corner (uncredited)

Steve Flynn

Art Patron (uncredited)

Stacey Forbes

Disco Woman (uncredited)

Jim Ford

Detractor (uncredited)

John Franchi

Art Patron (uncredited)

Vinny Fraumeni

Restaurant Patron (uncredited)

Ellis Gage

Rock Thrower (uncredited)

Susan Garfield

Casino Patron (uncredited)

Amanda Gavin

Club Goer (uncredited)

Mickey Gilmore

1970's Cab Driver (uncredited)

Robert Glenn

Jerry (uncredited)

Elaine Victoria Grey

Guest Hotel Pierre (uncredited)

Barbara Guertin

Denise - Barron's Restaurant (uncredited)

London Hall

Casino Entourage (uncredited)

Moira Harvey

Pedestrian (uncredited)

Philip Dorn Hebert

Mayor's Councellor (uncredited)

Paul Held

Burt Reynolds (Type) (uncredited)

Jacqueline Honulik

Model (uncredited)

Mary Hronicek

Casino Gala Guest (uncredited)

Frankie Imbergamo

Waiter (uncredited)

Mike Jablon

Bar Patron (uncredited)

Charles Matumbi Jackson

Husband in Divorce Office (uncredited)

Paul Kaye

Hotel Patron (uncredited)

Koji Kemora

Casino Patron (uncredited)

Bobby Kenney

Dinner Guest (uncredited)

Jessica Kent

Smoking Teen (uncredited)

Lee Kerr

Strip Club Attender (uncredited)

Rhet Kidd

Man with Pit-bull (uncredited)

Jeffery Kincannon

Cabbie (uncredited)

Ren Knopf

Reporter (uncredited)

Jason L. Koerner

FBI Agent (uncredited)

Gwen Kosak

Museum Visitor (uncredited)

David Lacreta

Club attender (uncredited)

Kathy Lashay Berenson

Disco Patron (uncredited)

John Joseph Lindsey

Maintenance Man (uncredited)

Matthias Lupri

Disco Hipster (uncredited)

Paul Lussier

Tennis Player (uncredited)

Phyllis Lynn

Bar Patron (uncredited)

Gwen MacKay

Casino Guest (uncredited)

Michael Maggiani

Mob Associate, Baron's Restaurant (uncredited)

Tom Mariano

FBI Agent (uncredited)

Rob Marin

Reporter (uncredited)

Karen Ann Martino

Secretary (uncredited)

Robert Masiello

Pedestrian (uncredited)

Kenn Medeiros

Dinner Guest (uncredited)

Brendan Meehan

Student (uncredited)

J. Michael Mendoza

Pedestrian (uncredited)

Christopher Mikael

Bar Patron (uncredited)

Michael Moore

Reporter (uncredited)

Karen Morris

Pedestrian (uncredited)

Aaron Moss

Well Wisher #1 (uncredited)

Jason Mulcahy

Hustler (uncredited)

Ken Murray

Backroom VIP (uncredited)

Cristina María Méndez

Bar Patron (uncredited)

Eddie Napolillo

Congressman (uncredited)

David Sean O'Donnell

Casino Guest (uncredited)

Richard O'Rourke

Celebrating Politician (uncredited)

Peter Olejnik

Casino Patron (uncredited)

Joseph Oliveira

Bar Patron (uncredited)

Richard Pacheco

Man by the Doorway (uncredited)

Allen Phillips

Driver (uncredited)

Christopher S. Porter

News Crew Soundman (uncredited)

Rickland Powell

Disco Patron (uncredited)

Meredith Prunty

Barons Restaurant Pedestrian (uncredited)

Suzanne Prunty

Baron's Restaurant Patron (uncredited)

Stephen Radochia

Disco club dancer (uncredited)

Georgina Ransley

Pool Partying Woman (uncredited)

David R. Reid

Politician (uncredited)

Donna Glee Reim

Pedestrian (uncredited)

Alan Resnic

FBI Agent (uncredited)

Floyd Richardson

Homeless Man (uncredited)

Giselle Rodriguez

Disco Dancer (uncredited)

Rob Rota

Disco Patron (uncredited)

Mary Rowen

Woman Dancing in Green Dress (uncredited)

Austin J. Ryan

School Boy (uncredited)

Robert Sabino

Dry Cleaner Employee (uncredited)

Fatima Gloria Shahzad

New Yorker (uncredited)

Billy Silvia

NJ Fireman (uncredited)

Andreina Sosa

Casino Patron (uncredited)

Corey Spencer

Smoking Teen (uncredited)

Michael Stailey

Reporter (uncredited)

Michael Stanton

1948 Tough Guy (uncredited)

Vyvian B. Stevens

Mayors Casino speech guest (uncredited)

David Struffolino

Homeless Vietnam Vet (uncredited)

Charlie Tacker

Student (uncredited)

Lino Tanaka

Casino Patron (uncredited)

Jillian Taylor

Disco Dancer (uncredited)

Jordan Tolchin

Guy on Street #1 (uncredited)

Kevin Tostado

Politician (uncredited)

Jaimie Tucker

Cosmopolitan Magazine Swimsuit Model (uncredited)

J.T. Turner

Waiter (uncredited)

George J. Vezina

FBI Agent #4 (uncredited)

Billy 'V' Vigeant

FBI Security (uncredited)

Stefano Villabona

70's Cocaine dealer (uncredited)

Jocelyn Vogel

Student (uncredited)

Randy Walker

Disco Dancer (uncredited)

Josh Philip Weinstein

Peter Scott (uncredited)

Amy Whalen

NYC Pedestrian (uncredited)

Jamie Christopher White

Cowboy (uncredited)

Stephen Wu

Disco Dancer (uncredited)

David O. Russell


David O. Russell


Eric Warren Singer


Richard Suckle


Charles Roven


Jonathan Gordon


Megan Ellison


Linus Sandgren


Crispin Struthers


Alan Baumgarten


Jay Cassidy

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