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Wonder Woman 1984 (3D) (2020)

4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray
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Fantasy/Adventure/Action · 2h 31m · 4/7/2021



Direction les années 1980 où Diana Price, alias Wonder Woman, doit faire face à deux nouveaux ennemis redoutables : Max Lord et Cheetah.

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Digital Copy

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Warner Bros. Pictures/DC Comics/Atlas Entertainment/The Stone Quarry/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc./Warner Bros. Home Entertainment France



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Wonder Woman


Vincent Jerome

US Army Tech

Akie Kotabe

Air Traffic Controller

Cory Rokes

Smithsonian Security Guard (uncredited)

Matt Costello

Max's Driver

Andy Riddle

Donkey Kong Geek (Mall)

Stuart Milligan


Brendan Petak

Driver / Rioter / Mall Shopper (uncredited)

Archana Prasanna

Mall Shopper / Passerby (uncredited)

Clayton Teat

Protester / Rioter (uncredited)

Thorn Castillo

Tourist (uncredited)

Sarah Barlondo

Max's Mother

Darren Kamara

Airfield Security (uncredited)

Natalie Cassell

Grandmother (uncredited)

Parker Damm

Commander Salamander Manager

Marisol Correa

Fairfax Police Officer (uncredited)

Michael Kaurene

Punk in Subway

Shannon Fitzpatrick

Bride (uncredited)

Rosanna Walls

Amazon (uncredited)

Evangelos Grecos

Rex's Driver (uncredited)

Hamza Siddique


Vince Eisenson

Guy Hailing Cab (Georgetown)

Jonathan Ajayi

Black Gold Young Man - Emerson

Maggie Lovitt

Passerby / Adult Mall Customer / Tourist (uncredited)

Dayna Grant


Roger Tyler

National Guard (uncredited)

Jag Patel

Cario City Tyre Business Owner / Repairs (uncredited)

Biondolillo Pascal

Military Egyptian (uncredited)

Patrick Lyster

CJCS (Oval Office)

Yash Agnihotri

Office Worker (uncredited)

Rachel Sophia-Anthony

News Reporter (uncredited)

Kristen Wiig

Barbara Minerva

Candice Carbine

Amazon Athlete

John Gettier

Fairfax Police Officer (uncredited)

Sri Moorthy

Tech Worker (uncredited)

Dan Matteucci

Tourist / Business Guy (uncredited)

Lasco Atkins

Protestor (uncredited)

David Sullivan

Advisor to the President - White House Staff (uncredited)

Sabina Jany

Wish Lady (uncredited)

Michael Garvey

Postman (uncredited)

Jean Hudson Miller

Dog Walker (as Jean H. Miller)

Jon Prophet

Birdseed Man (uncredited)

Kenneth Jay

Air Traffic Controller

David Abernethy

Mall Customer (uncredited)

Ravi Patel


Betty Adewole


Ryan Watson

Bad Skin

Manuel Rivoir

News Anchor Appearing in Tokyo Square (uncredited)

Scott Stevenson

F.B.I Agent (uncredited)

Raquel Merediz

Eager Saleswoman (Clothes)

Michael Gabel

Apocalyptic Preacher

Paul McQuaid

American Reporter

Alma Varsano

Snowball Girl

Victoria Broom

Grateful Parent

Tori Beverly


Sonia Goswami

Christmas Market Shopper (uncredited)

Patrick Gover

Camaro Passenger (as Patrick Grover)

Chi-Lin Nim

Wang (Chinese Kitchen)

Richard Stanley

Smithsonian Institution Professor (uncredited)

Andy Cheung


Nicholas Blatt

Cringey Gala Guest (uncredited)

Valeria Volynkina

Upscale Café Customer (uncredited)

Thomas Clay Strickland

Wild Gunman

Ramona Rideout

Young Woman (uncredited)

Stephanie Waters

Penn Avenue Mother

Kiesha Preston

Tourist (uncredited)

Dan Verkman

Busboy (uncredited)

Marian Lorencik

Security for Maxwell Lord (uncredited)

Dylan Mitchell

Student (Fritz) (uncredited)

Evan Bittner


Rodrig Andrisan

Red Square Civilian (uncredited)

Doutzen Kroes


Oliver Cotton

Simon Stagg

Connie Nielsen


Lilly Aspell

Young Diana

Amr Waked

Emir Said Bin Abydos

Kristoffer Polaha

Handsome Man

Hari James

Herald (Trigona)

Natasha Rothwell

Carol (Co-Worker)

Lucian Perez


Wai Wong

Lai Zhong

Gabriella Wilde


Kelvin Yu


Ahmed Hussien

Convoy Driver

Patrick Loh

Office Staff (uncredited)

Daniel Smales

Gala Guest (uncredited)

Luis Torrecilla

Max's Father

John Kaler

Lascivious Man 1 (uncredited)

Colin Stinton

NORAD Colonel

Marla Aaron Wapner

High End Georgetown Lady (uncredited)

Rick Kelvin Branch

Passerby (uncredited)

Zaydun Khalaf

Emir's Aide

Patrick Carrington

Roller Skater / National Guard (uncredited)

Jesse Milliner

Yuppie Assistant (uncredited)

Melanie Jewel Howard

Tourist / Mall Shopper / Jogger (uncredited)

J. Brooks

Mall Shopper / Panicked Pedestrian (uncredited)

Linzi Gray

Dog Walker (uncredited)

Stuart Whelan

Protestor / Policeman (uncredited)

Gina Jun

Georgetown Cafe Customer (uncredited)

Chris Silcox

Groom (uncredited)

Adrian Nanney

Va Film Drum Rep. #2 (uncredited)

Jarren Dalmeda

FBI Agent (Stagg's Lobby)

Tony Zarouel

Convoy Driver

Peter Brooke

FBI Agent (FBI Office)

Joe Klaunberg

Uniformed Service Guard (uncredited)

Matthew Feldhaus

National Guard (uncredited)

Oakley Bull

Kelly (Girl Hostage)

Alicia Hunter

Passerby (uncredited)

Kas Meghani

Christmas Market Shopper (uncredited)

Jamaal Burcher

National Guard Officer (uncredited)

Tamara Phipps

Woman in White Jumpsuit (uncredited)

Vincent De Paul

Presidential Staff (uncredited)

Justin Sisk

Mall Teen (uncredited)

Altahay Ramos Martín

Egyptian Child 2

Mimi Michaela Konoza

DC Paramedic-In-Charge (uncredited)

Rachael Lang

Aerobicise Dancer (uncredited)

Derek Larthey

National Guard SFC Roven (uncredited)

Rich Lawton

FBI Agent (uncredited)

Peter Chiamardas

Museum Guest (uncredited)

Al Clark

Party Guest (uncredited)

Mikayla Jade

Amazon Athlete (as Mikayla-Jade Barber)

Chris Carrico

NORAD Colonel (uncredited)

Kendra Marie

Mall Customer (uncredited)

Tim R. Worley

Shopper (uncredited)

Mars Xexelia

Tourist (uncredited)

Amreen N. Yaqoob

Information Booth Girl (uncredited)

Peter Trevor

Passerby / Scared Pedestrian / Taxi Driver (uncredited)

Brian Feldman

Mall Customer (uncredited)

Constantine Gregory

Russian General

Lynda Carter


Joanne Henry

White House Staffer

Victor Ellis

Georgetown Upscale Cafe Customer (uncredited)

Alex Delescu

Silo Technician

Anita Moore

Passerby / Adult Mall Customer / Tourist / Elderly Couple (uncredited)

Haylee Green

Mall Punk (uncredited)

Pedro Leandro

Young Max (uncredited)

Mark Falvo

Protester / Rioter (uncredited)

Chris Pine

Steve Trevor

Gal Gadot

Diana Prince

Aykut Hilmi

Cab Driver (Egypt)

Ryan L. Price

SWAT Captain (uncredited)

Bernardo Santos

Soldier (uncredited)

Dennis P. Marburger

Tourist / Mall Shopper / Panicked Pedestrian (uncredited)

Summer Snead


Caroline Coleman


Manoj Anand

Christmas Market Vendor (uncredited)

Donna Forbes

Amazon Athlete

Hillaire Hess

Hot Dog on a Stick Employee (uncredited)

Michael Hennessy

Gala Guest (uncredited)

Rick Klink

White House Staff (uncredited)

Mish Boyko

Silo Technician

Camilla Roholm


Michael Burhan

Egyptian Civilian (uncredited)

Fran Targ

Brazilian Man (uncredited)

Michael Patrick Hart

Rioter (uncredited)

Julian Ferro

Office Employee (uncredited)

Lucas N. Hall

Mall Customer (uncredited)

Sara Exall

Amazonian (uncredited)

Tomos Vaughan-Williams

Black Gold Young Man

Avi Rothman

Black Gold Hotshot Aide

Belinda Mayne

Stagg's Secretary

Orlando James

Party Goer

Bruce Mackinnon

Party Goer

Tony Moore

Active Protester (uncredited)

Paul Ron Cruz

SWAT (uncredited)

Kevin Wallace


Nerea Palacios

Egyptian Child 1 (Diana Saves)

Rubens Saboia

Ancient Warrior (uncredited)

Zayne Richard Simpson

Soldier (uncredited)

Mensah Bediako


Tessa Bonham Jones

Lucy (Co-Worker)

Gerard Berlie

Market Crowd (uncredited)

Jenny Pacey

Amazon Athlete

Chad Tyler

Mall Jewelry Store Security Guard (uncredited)

Brittney Aleah

Georgetown Upscale Cafe Lady (uncredited)

Saskia Neville

Amazon Athlete

Debbie Tsamoudakis

Mall Customer (uncredited)

Shane Attwooll

Dangerous Drunk

Bobbie Peterson

Passerby / Office Worker (uncredited)

Joel Morris

Security Guard

Chantal Nell

Amazon Athlete

Samantha Alleyne

Amazon (uncredited)

Kacey Leigh

Panic Shopper (uncredited)

Lisa Lian

Market Shopper (uncredited)

Jasmine Clark

Black Gold Receptionist

Jaron Varsano

Carousel Father

Danny Morgan

Co-Worker 2 (Spare Coffee)

Darren O'Connor

Irish Rioter (uncredited)

Naithan Ariane

Convoy Driver

Lyon Beckwith

Buzz Cut

Pedro Pascal

Maxwell Lord

Brandon Thane Wilson


Darius Wilson

Pennsylvania Avenue Police (uncredited)

Michael Poole

Old Russian Grandfather

Bo Ponomari

Silo Guard (uncredited)

Jamal Alkhaldi

Mall Customer (uncredited)

Konstantine James

Business Man (uncredited)

Michelle Jeram

London Woman (uncredited)

Chance Gibson

Va Film Drum Rep. #1 (uncredited)

Mark Gooden

VIP Security (uncredited)

Chris Vaber

Businessman (uncredited)

Richard Price

Market Passerby (uncredited)

Samantha Russell

Aerobics Instructor (uncredited)

Daniel Ryves

Company Employee (uncredited)

Georgia Meacham

Amazon (uncredited)

Leslie Barnett

Tourist / Mall Shopper (uncredited)

Pierre Bergman

Georgetown Window Cleaner (uncredited)

Ashley Gladden

Preppy Girl (Dupont Circle)

Katharine Pickering

Amazon Athlete

Karis McCabe

Amazon Athlete

Scott Swope

Muscleman (uncredited)

Paul Connaughton

Irishman (Tea Shop)

Robert Olausen

Rioter / Driver (uncredited)

Becki Hayes

Kelsey's Mom (uncredited)

Monica Haynes

Subway Punk (uncredited)

Gabriel Constantin

Silo Technician

Diezel Ramos

National Guard (uncredited)

Asa Sheridan

Jace Valentine

Maya Varsano

Carousel Girl

Sydney Aston

Protester (uncredited)

David Cohen

Protester / Rioter (uncredited)

Trevor Johnson

Smithsonian Museum Worker (uncredited)

Tilly Winford

Christmas Player

Gabrielle Bourne

Gala Guest (uncredited)

Dan De Luca

Convoy Driver

Kahil Dotay

Creepy Guy #1 (uncredited)

Jeff Moore

Fairfax County Police Officer (uncredited)

Mitch Holson

Preppy Guy (Dupont Circle)

Christopher Crutchfield Walker

Mall Security Guard

Rey Rey Terry


Tina Edwards

Courtney's Mom

Bill Debrason

Mall Cop (Exterior)

Rick Kain

Mall Cop (Exterior)

Iulia Filipovscaia

Gala Guest (uncredited)

Vickie Warehime

Mall Security Guard

Gina Grinkemeyer

Panicked Shopper

Tracy Tobin


Cassandra Newman

Panicked Shopper

Valerie Leonard

Jewelry Sales Associate

Susan Smythe

Jewelry Sales Associate

Bob Cusack

News Reporter (Aftermath)

Mike D. Anderson

Mall Security Guard

Sam Sheridan

US Army Tech

Paul Boyd

US Army Tech

Asim Chaudhry

Roger (Co-Worker)

Jasmine Hyde

British News Reporter

Kosha Engler

US National News Anchor

Philip Philmar


Albert Tang

Gala Party Guest (uncredited)

Archie L. Harris Jr.

Penn Avenue Watergate Cop

Lambro Demetriou

Max (8 Years Old)

Jonny Barry

Max (15 Years Old)

Russell Barnett

FBI Agent (Stagg's Office)

Mike Sengelow

Head Technician (Inner Chamber)

Spencer Trinwith

Georgetown Café Waiter

Claire De Boer

Amazon (uncredited)

Jimmy Burke

Flat Top (as James C. Burke)

David Al-Fahmi

Mr. Khalaji

Ella Walker

Amazonian (uncredited)

Robin Wright


Orlando Gonzalez

Convoy Driver

Wendy Albiston

Nasty Woman (Tea Shop)

Jacob Brankley

Museum Guest (uncredited)

Martin Bratanov

News Camera Operator (uncredited)

Nick Owenford

DC Gala Guest (uncredited)

Chuck Taber

Rioter / Driver (uncredited)

Rhonda Overby

Passing Reporter

Jessie Graff


Bronte Lavine

Competitor (as Brontë Lavine)

Briony Scarlett


Jade Johnson


Miranda Chambers


Moe Sasegbon


Gwendolyn Smith


Hayley Warnes


Saïd Taghmaoui

Sameer (Photograph) (credit only)

Ewen Bremner

Charlie (Photograph) (credit only)

Eugene Brave Rock

Chief (Photograph) (credit only)

Lucy Davis

Etta (Photograph) (credit only)

Obie Dean

Tourist (uncredited)

Joe Palka

Neighbor / Cow Man

Ed Birch

White House Carl

Matthew Naslanic

Muscle Man (uncredited)

Gary Ayash

Passerby / Tourist / Driver (uncredited)

Rudy Valentino Grant

Furniture Delivery Man (uncredited)

Penelope Kapudija

Mall Baby (uncredited)

Mark Faulkner

Gala Guest (uncredited)

John Bucy

Camaro Driver

Morgan Flanagan

Paramedic (uncredited)

Mia McLaughlin

Mall Shopper (uncredited)

Michael Salami

Security Guard

William G. Tomek

Vietnam Veteran / Police Officer (uncredited)

Patty Jenkins


Geoff Johns


Dave Callaham


William Moulton Marston


Patty Jenkins

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