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Ernest Double Feature

Ernest Goes to Camp / Ernest Goes to Jail

2h 51m · 3/22/2011


Ernest Goes to Camp: Everyone's favorite pitchman Ernest P. Worrell stars in his first feature film as the bumbling handyman at Kamp Kikakee who is given a chance to finally be a counselor to a group of juvenile delinquents. Ernest has his hands full with his young charges that delight in tormenting him with their pratical jokes. When an unscrupulos mine owner sets his sights upon the camp property, Ernest and his campers must band together to save the day! Ernest Goes to Jail: Bank janitor Ernest P. Worrell is called to jury duty and soon finds himself in trouble when the lookalike defendant’s attorney arranges a switch and has Ernest sent to prison in his client’s place. While Ernest struggles to deal with prison life, his criminal double decides to use Ernest’s job at the bank as an opportunity to rob it. Will Ernest be able to break out of prison in time to stop the robbery and expose the mix-up?

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United States



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Keep Case (HD Slim, Low)


Box Set Titles
Disc Title Front Cover

Ernest Goes to Camp

Disc Title Front Cover

Ernest Goes to Jail

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