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The Guardian (2006)


Drama/Adventure/Action · 2h 19m · 1/23/2007



Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher star in The Guardian, the powerful, action-packed drama that takes you inside the never-before-seen world of the elite Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers. Reeling with grief in the wake of a mission gone tragically wrong, legendary Rescue Swimmer Ben Randall (Costner) is given a mission he doesn’t want - training raw recruits. Once there, he knocks heads with cocky Jake Fischer (Kutcher), a swimming champ driven by a painful secret, who’s more interested in breaking Ben’s records than saving lives. But Ben also sees Jake has what it takes to be the best of the best. Filled with spectacular rescues in the lethal waters of the Bering Sea, The Guardian is a riveting and compelling story that dives straight into the heart and soul of real heroes, the unsung guardians of the sea.

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United States



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Digital Copy

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Contrafilm / Firm Films/Touchstone Home Entertainment/Buena Vista Home Entertainment/Touchstone Pictures/Beacon Pictures



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Kevin Costner

Ben Randall

Ashton Kutcher

Jake Fischer

Sela Ward

Helen Randall

Melissa Sagemiller

Emily Thomas

Clancy Brown

Capt. William Hadley

Omari Hardwick

Carl Billings

Alex Daniels

Wild Bill

Daniel J. Molthen

Co-Pilot Wakefield (as Lcdr. Daniel J. Molthen USCG)

Andrew Schanno

Pilot Mitchell (as Lt. Andrew Schanno USCG)

Adam Pena

Benjamin Reyes

Joe Arquette

Co-Pilot Antunez

Gary Billburg

Julian Zankich (as PO1 Gary Billburg USCG)

Joshua Mitcheltree

Mitcheltree (as PO2 Joshua Mitcheltree USCG)

Rusty Tennant

Mover #1

James Barnes

Doctor #1

Stephanie Barnes

Doctor #2

Andrea Martynowski

Ops Commander (as CPO Andrea Martynowski USCG)

Ron Fien

Wickham (as Lt. Ron Fien USCG)

Nevada Smith

Co-Pilot Krauss (as Lcdr. Nevada Smith USCG)

Jay Bingham

Ops Tech

Keith Sweitzer


Shane Walker

Swimmer Nelson

John Heard

Capt. Frank Larson

Neal McDonough

Jack Skinner

Joseph 'Butch' Flythe

Butch Flythe (as MCPO Joseph 'Butch' Flythe USCG)

Robert E. Watson

Robert Watson (as PO1 Robert E. Watson USCG Ret.)

John F. Hall

John Hall (as PO1 John F. Hall USCG)

Johnell Gainey

Johnell Lewis

Jeff Loftus

Executive Officer (as Cdr. Jeff Loftus USCG Ret.)

Brian Geraghty

Billy Hodge

Dulé Hill

Ken Weatherly

Shelby Fenner

Cate Lindsey

Michael Rady

Nick Zingaro

Peter Gail

Danny Doran

Brian Wade

Mitch Lyons (as Brian Patrick Wade)

Benjamin Ciaramello

Benny Partida (as Benny Ciaramello)

Travis Willingham

Travis Finely

Matt Laub

Matt Stokes (as PO3 Matt Laub USCG)

Matthew L. Rucker

Matthew Bunch

Tanica Jamison

Tanica Treadwell

Paul Wallace

Paul Metz

Tilky Jones

Tilky Flint

Megan Melgaard

Megan Hyde

Scott Mueller

Scott Reeves

Jacob Stevens

Jacob Pavich

Austin Lash

Austin Vogel

Mark Gangloff

Mark Colby

Damon Lipari

Damon Bennett

Roger Edwards

Roger Cable

Gregory J. Barnett

Pilot Victim

Kenny G. Krauss


Gioacchino Brucia


J.D. Evermore


Bryce Cass


Bonnie Bramlett

Maggie McGlone

Richard Davis

Guitar - Chicago Catz

James Burton

Guitar - Chicago Catz

Tony Brown

Bass - Chicago Catz

Wendall Wayne Stewart

Drums - Chicago Catz (as Wayne Stewart)

Chris 'Hambone' Cameron

Keyboards - Chicago Catz

Mark Ohlsen

Trumpet - Chicago Catz

Gene Barge

Sax - Chicago Catz

Steve Eisen

Sax - Chicago Catz

Josie Aiello

Singer - Chicago Catz

Devin Thompson

Singer - Chicago Catz

Tina Treadwell

Singer - Chicago Catz

Corinne Van Ryck de Groot

Bartender (as Corrine Degroot)

Greg Sproles

Huge Navy Guy

Ron Dean

Navy Captain

Brandon Molale

Navy Guy

James Landers

Navy Guy

August Kincaid

Navy Guy (as Austin Kincaid)

Jesse De Villa

Navy Guy

Eric Norris

Navy Guy

Leigh Hennessy

Drowning Woman

Tanner Gill


Norm Compton

Sea Captain

Donald Fisher

Young Crewman

Yoshio Iizuka

Cargo Crew

Thomas Rosales Jr.

Cargo Crew (as Tommy Rosales)

Tony Snegoff

Cargo Crew

Vladimir Tevlovski

Cargo Crew

Henry Kingi Jr.

Cave Victim #1

Dorian Kingi

Cave Victim #2

Deborah Boone

Victim's Aunt

Roxanne A. Brooks

Victim's Mother

Conrad E. Palmisano

Fishing Boat Captain (as Conrad Palmisano)

Michael James

Fisherman #1

Danny Cosmo Higginbottom

Fisherman #2

Gene Hartline

Fisherman #3

John Rottger


Heather Bloom

Laundromat Patron (uncredited)

Dodie Brown

Wedding guest (uncredited)

Ray Donn

Wedding Guest (uncredited)

Zachary Flores

Student (uncredited)

Tim Hickey

Bartender at Squid Bar (uncredited)

Derek Wayne Johnson

Wedding Reception Guest (uncredited)

Cynthia Riser

Wedding Reception Guest / Dancer (uncredited)

Delmaine Samuel

Bar patron (uncredited)

Andrew Davis

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