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Watchmen (2009)

4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray

Mystery/Drama/Action · 3h 35m · 7/19/2016



Someone's killing our super heroes. The year is 1985 and super heroes have banded together to respond to the murder of one of their own. They soon uncover a sinister plot that puts all of humanity in grave danger. The super heroes fight to stop the impending doom, only to find themselves a target for annihilation. But if our super heroes are gone, who will save us?

Release Country

United States



Release Date


Media Type




Digital Copy

Digital HD/UltraViolet


Warner Bros.



Video Format


Aspect Ratio


Cover Type

CoverTypeKeep Case (HD Slim, Low)


Watch Alternatives


Tiffany Burns

News Reporter

Sal Sortino

1940 Watchmen Photographer (as Salvatore Sortino)

Michael Adamthwaite

Bar Knot Top

Dave Cote

Man at Club (uncredited)

Jackie Earle Haley


Matthew Goode

Adrian Veidt / Ozymandias

Stephen McHattie

Hollis Mason

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Edward Blake / Comedian

Malin Akerman

Laurie Jupiter / Silk Spectre II

Neil Schell

Man In Riot Crowd

Greg Travis

Andy Warhol

Tony Ali

Foreign Newscaster

Jason Schombing


Robert Wisden

Richard Nixon

John Shaw

Doug Roth

Don Thompson

Detective Gallagher

Mary Ann Burger

Eleanor Clift

Rob LaBelle

Wally Weaver

Laura Mennell

Janey Slater

Steven Stojkovic

Mick Jagger

Sahar Biniaz

Foreign Newscaster (as Sahar)

Salli Saffioti

Annie Leibovitz

Martin Reiss


Darren Shahlavi


Niall Matter


Heidi Iro

Foreign Newscaster

Dale Wolfe

Keene Act Anchor

Alessandro Juliani

Rockefeller Military Base Technician

Bernadeta Wrobel

Foreign Newscaster

Saira De Goede

Girl at Club (uncredited)

Mark Acheson

Large Man At Happy Harry's

Michael Kopsa

Paul Klein

William S. Taylor

Prison Psychiatrist (as William Taylor)

Danny Hospes

Tenement Fire Child

L. Harvey Gold

New Frontiersman Editor

Leah Gibson

Silhouette's Girlfriend

Jaryd Heidrick

Young Jon

Tara Frederick

Aggressive Hooker

Ian Farthing

Foreign Newscaster

Kurt Evans

Tenement Fire News Reporter

Jeffrey Flieler

Tenement Fire Policeman

Deborah Finkel

Woman In Riot Crowd

Dawn Chubai

Keene Act Anchor

Walter Addison

Lee Iacocca

Nhi Do

Vietnamese Girl

Greg Armstrong-Morris

Truman Capote

Alison Araya

Foreign Newscaster

Chris Burns

Dumb Thug

Sean Allan

NORAD General

Frank Novak

Henry Kissinger

Stephanie Belding

Janet Black

Ron Fassler

Ted Koppel

Isabelle Champeau

Foreign Newscaster

Frank Cassini

Sally's Husband

Malcolm Scott

Fat Thug

Greig Hospes

Tenement Fire Child

Terence Kelly

General West

Sylvesta Stuart

Destruction Firefighter

John R. Taylor


Douglas Chapman

Roy Chess (uncredited)

Parm Soor

Foreign Newscaster

Manoj Sood

Karnak Scientist

Eli Snyder

Young Rorschach

Chris Weber

Officer O'Brien

Tamara Stanners

Vietnam 51st State Anchor

Ted Cole

Dick Cavett

Damon Caro

U.S. Soldier (uncredited)

Apollonia Vanova


Garry Chalk

NORAD General

Kennith Overbey

Village People Cop (uncredited)

Michael Stevens

Doomsday Clock Scientist #1 (uncredited)

Louis Chirillo

Face To Face TV Producer

Ron Chartier

Carnival Photographer

Mike Carpenter

Young Moloch

Katie Bennison

Foreign Newscaster

Tony Bardach

John With Rorschach's Mother

Clint Carleton

Young Hollis Mason

Carly Bentall

Wally's Girlfriend

Marshall Virtue


Jerry Wasserman

Detective Fine

Michael Eklund

Man In Riot Crowd

Haley Guiel

Laurie - 13 Years (as Haley Adrianna Guiel)

Santo Lombardo

Knot Top Gang Member

Calvin Lee

Foreign Newscaster

Alexander Mandra

Foreign Newscaster (as Alexander Sasha Mandra)

David Mackay

Child Murderer (as David Mackay)

Carmen Lavigne

Anti War Protester

Manuelita Kinsley

Keene Riot Reporter

J.R. Killigrew

David Bowie

Kit Koon

Foreign Newscaster

John Kobylka

Fidel Castro

Daryl Shuttleworth

Jon's Father

Danny Wattley

Huge Prisoner

Ed Metzger

Prof. Albert Einstein (uncredited) (unconfirmed)

Suzanne E. Smith

On Location Reporter (as Suzanne Clements-Smith)

Danny Woodburn

Big Figure Prisoner (uncredited)

Trevor Coppola

NY Swat #4 (uncredited)

Agam Darshi

On Location Reporter

Bruce Crawford

Bank Robber

Mark Gash

On Location Reporter

Ted Friend

Larry Culpeper

Carrie Genzel

Jackie Kennedy

Chris Gauthier

Seymour (as Christopher Gauthier)

James M. Connor

Pat Buchanan (as James Micheal Connor)

Gary Houston

John McLaughlin

Darryl Scheelar

Captain Metropolis

Billy Crudup

Dr. Manhattan / Jon Osterman

Matthew Harrison

Foreign Newscaster

Sonya Salomaa

Adrian Veidt's Assistant

Brett Stimely

John F. Kennedy

Carla Gugino

Sally Jupiter / Silk Spectre

Zack Snyder

Commando in Vietnam (uncredited) (unconfirmed)

Matt Frewer


Patrick Wilson

Dan Dreiberg / Nite Owl

Fulvio Cecere

Agent Forbes

Patrick Sabongui

Knot Top Gang Leader

Jay Brazeau

News Vendor

Mi-Jung Lee

A Bomb Test Anchorwoman

Colin Lawrence

Officer Kirkpatrick

Matt Drake

Older Boy Bully

Mark Docherty


Glenn Ennis

Hooded Justice

Ali Dunn

Tenement Fire Child

Sahara Davis

Young Tenement Fire Child (as Sahara xOasis Ashanti Davis)

Andrew Colthart

Naked Man At Warhol Party

Lynn Colliar

Foreign Newscaster

Dan Payne

Dollar Bill

Ashley O'Connell

Foreign Newscaster

Jesse Reid

Teenager at Newsstand

Marsha Regis

Face To Face TV Receptionist

Youri Obryvtchenko

Foreign Newscaster

Tyler McClendon

Veidt Enterprises Security Guard

Tom McBeath

News Analyst

Cristina Menz

Foreign Newscaster

Kevin McNulty

News Anchor

Keith Martin Gordey

Auto CEO

Ken Tremblett

Keene Act Anchor

John B. Destry

Happy Harry's Bartender (as John Destry)

Lori Watt

Rorschach's Mother

Yoosik Oum

Scientist (uncredited)

Andres Markwart

Man In Riot Crowd (uncredited)

John Tench

Knot Top Gang Member

Alan Moore


Zack Snyder


Alex Tse


David Hayter


Dave Gibbons

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